Friday, March 19, 2010

Trying Out My Shortbread Pan

Besides the salt, there are only 4 ingredients in the recipe I tried today. Unsalted butter, powdered sugar, pure vanilla extract, and flour. Look how light and creamy the butter blended with the powdered sugar looks.

Here's my first batch that I brushed with some pure maple syrup to help define the impressions from my shortbread pan.

The second batch (the recipe only made 2 batches) was less defined. Next time I will wash the mold in between.

Here are my new everyday drinking glasses I found for 99 cents a piece!!! Love that bell shape and the pale aqua color. This one holds Henri's iced tea with a sprig of mint.

My drink of choice is raspberry lime sparkling water, except in Maine they call it seltzer, I think.

I just love these glasses! Perhaps you've already guessed that, since this is like the 3rd picture of them.

Oh yes, back to the shortbread. Did you notice there's one missing? It broke so I ate it.

This is the second batch.

And here is my pan, all cleaned up again.

The recipe said they freeze well. But I don't think we'll have to worry about that at the rate we're going.


Piecefulafternoon said...

Oh I love the glasses too. And I do have to tell you - I am jealous of your shortbread pan - seriously jealous!!!! I guess I'll have to make some tomorrow even if I don't have a fancy pan. :-)

Low Tide High Style said...

Four ingredients, beautiful, and kind of recipe! These look so yummy I could almost smell and taste them through my computer screen! Love the glasses too!

Kat :)

Fabulously french said...

Shortbread looks great, I will have to make some for Mr FF :-)

The glasses are gorgeous, what a bargain Lily.

Bon weekend a toi,

Leeann x

Pearl Maple said...

Really enjoyed visiting your blog space today full of back east goodness, you made me homesick. And those shortbreads are looking pretty yummy.

seanymph said...

And remember theres no calories in broken cookies.......all the calories leak out so your safe lolol (I loveeeeeeee shortbread, those wouldnt last long here at all)

jennyfreckles said...

The shortbread looks delicious. My shortbread mold is wooden. It's Scottish - shortbread is a Scots speciality for some reason.

Ange said...

Aparently breaking cookies causes calorie leakage so you don't ingest as many calories when you eat it!! Lovely yummy short bread!!