Monday, March 15, 2010

Cookie Monster

That's the part of me that shows up every time I go vintage shopping. I thought this was some sort of a serving tray, but my subconscious must have picked up it was a mold for shortbread cookies when I snatched it up.

It's ceramic and just look how pretty that embossed pattern is.

I found these beautiful copper cookie cutters all stuffed in a little clear plastic bag. I didn't even see the fleur-de-lis one until I got it home.

These two were in with the copper ones and I think one of them is a parrot. Didn't notice that one either until I got home.

I don't know how I find these things, but these 4 represent the suits from a deck of cards.

And no one has ever even used them before!

But this is one of my favorites that I found today. A vintage Madeleine pan.

Here's a close up. This pan has given me a bad craving.

Here's where I found my Madeleine pan. This is a picture of just half of the building.

This is the other side.

The whole top floor is all books and I didn't even make it off the first floor. But I'm sure there are plenty more cookie molds and cutters left in there that will jump out at me the next time I visit.


Gigi said...

Wonderful cookie cutters and molds! I am in love with your madeleine pan, especially, since they are some of my all-time favorite cookies. Oh, you have given me such a craving! xo Gigi

Piecefulafternoon said...

I have the Santa (next to your parrot) and it took me years to figure out what it is. I have almost all the same cookie cutters that you do - and a few more - a big fat pig for gingerbread pig cookies at christmas - and a set of stacking ones - each one is a bit smaller than the one before and after you cut out a cookie from each one and bake them you can stack them like a tree (or pyramid) - and drizzle chocolate over them.

I really like that shortbread pan - I've not seen one as fancy before. I have a madeline pan - just love to make those - ummmm cookies. Today I made banana bread - not nearly as good as cookies - but good - my recipe calls for some sour cream - can't beat that in a recipe.

Maybe tomorrow I will make some cranberry/pecan shortbread - now I want a cookie.

seanymph said...

Oh thats my kinda place to get in trouble at lol. And I have those cookie cutters that look like card symbols. They were my moms yrs ago. I love madelines tho and thats a great pan to find.

hometown girl said...

oh my, i love the shortbread pan and the fleur di lis! and the madeleine pan what amazing finds, i'd be baking up a storm! have fun :) susan

Lisa T. said...

I haven't been there in years, so fun to wander around in there. Fairfield is fun too. Just because I'm a Miss Know-it-all (sorry), I think your parrot is an alligator. But, you can use it for whatever you want-don't mind me.


Low Tide High Style said...

That is quite the antique store! Wow, no wonder you find such cool stuff! I love all of your cookie cutters and those molds are beautiful!

Kat :)

Maurie Kirschner said...

I love love love that ceramic mold! Such a great find! I too am a cookie cutter collector (hoarder). : ) If ever I make my way to Maine I will have to visit that place!

BTW, I am passing along a Happiness Blogger Award to you. I wrote why on my latest post at This Northwest Life.

Oliag said...

The Big Chicken Barn is a must visit during each of our Maine favorite time there was during a huge thunder was fun really...and I have spent Way too much money there:)

Susan said...

The five cutters including the Fleur de Lis are all anodized aluminum, not copper. Still a lovely find with some of my favorite designs. I too was thrilled when I found mine.