Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not Quite Spring

Some people refer to these as Alstroemeria, but I always forget that name so I just ask for Peruvian Lilies. This time of year I like to have something Spring-like to brighten up my walls and these flowers always last a long time. This is how they look after 4 days in my glass wall pocket.

Our library is still closed for the winter, in fact it won't open until July.

It was built in the late 1890s for a sum of $25,000. privately donated by Mrs. Martha Leavitt Jones, the wife of the founder of Sorrento. A splurge for the day I'm sure, but look how long it has lasted as it's intended purpose, which was to serve as a library for a community of 200 people.

It has a covered, arched porch on two sides of the structure, which is more visible this time of year without the leaves on the trees.

An old tradition is to paint the porch ceilings the same color as the sky to trick the wasps into thinking it is the sky, which keeps them from building their nests. Or to keep spiders from spinning their webs. And less Spring cleaning is needed!

Notice the layer of sand and grit still on our roads. They usually sweep that up sometime in the spring. One year it snowed the day after they swept and the plow truck laid down more sand. Maybe that's why they are holding off this year.

You can almost tell it's still a bit brisk out. March winds. Too cool to go without a jacket.

Yet too warm for a winter coat. It's that in-between season, that is one of the reasons why we always dress in layers here.


Piecefulafternoon said...

What a lovely library. Looks like spring is just around the corner - though we were back in the mid 40s here today - a bit chilly.

Low Tide High Style said...

Ok, first the dentist office was gorgeous and now the town library is like something from a fairytale! I'm moving up your way! We had an old library that was housed in a historic building once owned by Francis Scott Key's family. As a child I hated going there because everyone said the place was haunted. Now I go there often to gather info for stories, it's now the local historical society. And I never knew why people painted porch ceilings blue, I just thought it was because it looked pretty!

Kat :)

vicki said...

What a beautiful house that library is in! How fun would it be to visit there!!! You live in such a picturesque part of the country - all of your pictures are just like a postcard!

I am really in love with your blog - you have a great sense of story and style. I love the vintage pins, and your vintage table is just awsome! Thanks for sharing all the great things that you do!

Oh - and I love the sea glass story. I am a huge sea glass collector - Love the blue ones!


Brute Beast said...

I lived in Sorrento for the end of the 1980s and some of the 1990s. I would often wander over to this library and there was a very kind old woman who lived there alone.

I remember a little garden and statues, and a kitchen--perhaps beneath the library. I was very young so it's a bit of a blur.

I wonder what became of this woman, and who she was.

I also seem to recall a man with a sheepdog who became her caretaker.

The lady who ran the post office was very nice as well. I wonder what became of her...

Lili said...

Hello to Brute Beast! Thank you for leaving your comment. Would love to contact you somehow to comment back but your email address doesn't show up for me. Can you email me using the link on the sidebar of this blog? Thanks!