Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cocktail Rocks

I love a good mystery. And tonight the answer to what I had been trying to figure out for a week now was finally revealed to me.

Last Sunday, I came upon a reference to a place known as the "cocktail rocks" in a book that had been written about the history of Sorrento.

Although the book made reference to them, there was no indication of where they were, nor was there a reason given for their name.
There were 2 ladies referenced in this book that would know where they were (well 3, if you include the ghost that they claimed they saw there). But sadly, I knew that the 2 local ladies referenced had both recently passed away.

So after a few visits to a few people who I thought may be able to help me figure it out, I still came up short.

Until today.

A chance phone conversation from someone who called, that I hadn't thought to ask before today, revealed not only the location, but also a theory of how they came to be known as the "cocktail rocks."

Shortly after my phone conversation ended and I revealed the location to Henri, he asked if I wanted to go there. We've been there a thousand times, but tonight we waited around until sunset. It occurred to me that this was also the spot that I had found the rare piece of black sea glass that I had posted about last Sunday.

The below picture is a shot of the "cocktail rocks" not quite at high tide. Most of them disappear at high tide, which may have led a few people to discover an unfortunate new meaning for the term "on the rocks" if they just happened to be returning from a sail during their cocktail hour. At least, that was the theory, anyway.

Perhaps there is more to it though. We'll see.


Low Tide High Style said...

Very cool! I love hearing local lore and how things or places got their names! And being "on the rocks" is definitely something you don't ever want to do as a boater!

Beautiful spot and wonderful photos!

Kat :)

hometown girl said...

your photos are just beautiful! susan

Teri said...

Ahhhh... but to sit on one of your lovely beaches for just an hour...

Maurie Kirschner said...

What a beautiful place! I think the theory could work! I am very jealous of your black sea glass. I have yet to find a piece, though I have found several other odd colors. I love living so close to the beach and its constantly changing treasure trove.

Thanks for stopping by my food blog and leaving a comment. I don't know if you looked up tempeh, but its a soy product with a really nutty flavor. It comes in a lot of different varieties. If you wanted to make that dish without the tempeh I think it would be just as good with chick peas (garbanzo beans). Sweet potatoes are wonderful, I can understand why your guy would want more of them served up!

Ange said...

Lili that's a gorgeous story. On Fraser Island off the East coast of Australia we have the 'champagne pools,' named for the spray of the waves that crashes over you and froths around you as you sit in the still water waiting for the next wave to break on the rocks at your back... What a magical place