Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In Honor Of Saint Patrick's Day

I will only eat the greens ones.

Out of a shamrock shaped dish, of course.

And when they are all gone, I have a plan.

I found something to replace them with.

To serve as a distraction, just in case someone notices.

They sure are good. Notice they are the dark chocolate ones.

[That means they are good for you too. ]
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
And may you always have a decoy or two up your sleeve [just in case].


Low Tide High Style said...

Love this post, and I love the dark chocolate ones too! I used some of your beautiful green sea glass in my post today too!

Kat :)

Piecefulafternoon said...

Sounds like a plan - never thought of decoys. LOL

twobusy said...

My favorites are the peanut-butter ones. I'm sure they'll find some health benefits someday!

Teri said...

Love it Lili!! And you're right... they are health food!

OneWomanStudio said...

What a great idea! That sea glass in the shamrock bowl is simply perfect!

Elenka said...

aargh...some of the photos came up as question marks.....anyway.....dont' eat the glass cause that's been a nightmare I've had before.

seanymph said...

Ummmm do you know what they say when you only eat green M&Ms. hehehehehe

jennyfreckles said...

You must have had a big bag of sweets to find that many green ones!
Lili - a blogpost for you on my blog tomorrow.