Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Night Stained Glass Class - A New Project

Our teacher, Alice, found out I had a thing for fleur-de-lis, so she surprised me with this tonight in class. I decided to change it up a bit, as we agreed it looked a little squatty, plus she always encourages us to make up our own patterns whenever we can.
I immediately knew I wanted to use clear glass for the background, however there were only smaller pieces available in the bin we have to select from. Until Alice presented me with this gorgeous embossed piece and told me the story behind it. It's called Thistle, and it was part of a collection given to her by her dear friend Ann, before she passed away back in 2000. Alice told me the piece had good karma and she would be glad to see it used in my project.
I found these aqua colored glass baubles at Goodwill recently and will use them to add some color to the clear glass. I think my changed up fleur-de-lis looks more traditional now.

Oh and here's my friend Diane, who posed for me just as she was starting to solder her first masterpiece.

How is it she even looks gorgeous in a respirator?!


Piecefulafternoon said...

Another great project, now neat that you get to use the special glass.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Lili,

Looks like fun . . that embossed piece is beautiful. The aqua glass baubles will look real nice with it. Can't wait to see it when its done. Have fun!

hometown girl said...

love the design, looking forward to seeing it! have a beautiful day! susan

Low Tide High Style said...

That thistle glass is just gorgeous, and how special that it came from your instructor's dear friend before she passed away! I can't wait to see how it all comes together, I know it will be beautiful!

Kat :)

Diane said...

Stained Glass Magazine is looking for that gorgeous model!!!

Tracey said...

Hello Lili! Fleur-de-lis have become so popular recently...which always makes me smile because they were our high school symbol, so they were on everything!!!

You truly create beauty!!! I always look forward to seeing what you are creating and showcasing!

:) T

BP said...

oh, the symbol-synchs!