Friday, July 31, 2009

When Little Ones Learn To Sail

Most mornings while leaving the harbor, we pass by a sailing lesson in progress. Our Sorrento Village Improvement Association hosts many activities for the summer kids of Sorrento. They start as early as age 4, which always amazes me.

A little way out from the harbor, I spotted a couple more, I'm thinking this may be an intermediate or maybe even an advanced class.

Besides learning to manuever around all the buoys from the lobster traps, they also get the chance to practice being in the water with other boaters nearby.

Like these little ones that got right smack in the middle of a traffic jam in Sorrento Harbor on July 4th last year.

And, I am happy to report, they did just fine!

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Mickey Johnson said... boys would so love that. how fun! we saw a youngster sail class in martha's vineyard a couple of summers back. the wee sail boats with their wee captains is such a cute site. thanks for sharing, xo, mickey