Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fast Food

Dinner, put together in just 13 minutes. Featuring our first catch of the season.

We hauled up at least a dozen today, but only 1 keeper.

This one's being a wiseguy. He's holding what we measure them with to make sure they are keepers. He wasn't. "He" was a "she" that had been v notched, which means she at one time had eggs and must be released.

As we passed the folks on this boat, they asked us if we would be fishing on Friday. I explained we were non commercial and were not allowed to sell. For them, it's sort of like ordering take out aboard their boat.

And of course, the obligatory photo of our first keeper of the season. Will I be sharing?

The Captain may be a little hungry.

Or a LOT hungry.

Yep, I shared and I savored every morsel!


Elenka said...

OOOOHHHHH, YUM ! Man, that looks wonderful! If summer ever comes, I'm gettin' myself some lobsters!

Anonymous said...

where is my lobster? how many keepers did you thow back? I WANT A LOBSTER!!!NANNY NANNY BOO BOO!!!

Anonymous said...

You should cook a lobster at 20 minutes.Steamed not boiled. How about inviting me over this weekend for cake and lobster. Ex lobster fisherman from you know where...........

Mickey Johnson said...

...looks divine! oh how i love lobster with my butter sauce...glad you had a good day out...there will be more where that one came from! xo, mickey

Anonymous said...

You got the lobster ill bring -champagne and cake-ill play the music -you cook the lobster-ill eat the lobster-you watch-you drink the champagne-ill watch-ill eat the cake and all the canoe candy-you watch. sounds good no?
don;t throw back the keepers.
Mr. bats in my belfry.