Sunday, July 26, 2009

Foggy Day Delivers a Feast For the Eyes

What goes good with fog?

Having friends over for lobsters.

Wow, it really IS foggy.

And then shopping for art at this year's Schoodic Arts For All Silent Auction held Sunday in Winter Harbor.

The auction took place at Hammond Hall where several rows of art donated by local artisans were displayed. When we arrived, we noticed there were plenty of folks already recording their bids. Time to play catch up.

But first things first, as we discovered another table set up complete with food, flowers AND wine.

These clever felted stones caught my eye right away. That one on the left really DOES look like granite. Or have I had too much wine already?

Stepping outside to take a breather in between my bidding, I noticed this pretty scene right next door. How charming a foggy day on the coast of Maine can be!

Back inside as the afternoon progressed, all of us made some bids, lost some bids, but a few of us scored. And when it was all said and done, this was the little treasure I brought home with me.

A mermaid necklace from Las Sirenas the Mermaids Gallery, in vibrant aqua hues that sparkled just enough to burn right through the fog as we made our way home.

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Mickey Johnson said... i love your mermaid necklace and that picture outside with the fog, picket fence and daylillies is incredible! xo, mickey...wish i was there!