Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fresh From the Kiln

Last night's firing was interupted by more rain, but we managed to get a couple pieces fired.

It had been so long since we last fired the kiln that I had forgotten all about this piece.

Now it comes back to me why I made it

I bought this soap last year in Bucksport at a place called "Lost Cargo" partly because the scent reminded me of Old Spice. And partly because I wanted the box it came in.

And here's another fish that made it through the kiln too. His eyes are like a rainbow of colors.

And speaking of rainbows, this just appeared outside my window.

Anyone find a pot of gold?

1 comment:

Elenka said...

I LOVE working with clay. Messy business, but once I'm into it, there is nothing like it!
Don't have a kiln at home,tho.