Monday, July 20, 2009

Felted Purse Paired With Raku Fish Pin

First, a little documentation of a sunny day in Maine.

Here is my hand knitted wool purse that has been keeping me busy during our rainy spell. It did not come out as I intended, but if you haven't seen the original pattern you would not know. I used a pattern out of Ella Ray Book #8. This is the pre-felted picture of it.

Here is the finished purse with one of my raku fish pins added to it.

Rather than drill a hole into the fish, I wrapped it with black linen thread to secure it to the purse.

Did I mention the sun was out again today?

Proof, just in case anyone in Maine missed it.


Lisa T. said...

Lovely pictures and purse. A friend of a friend that I used to know did raku pottery. He always had a party on firing day. Quite fun, they never let me try it though, 'fraid I'd burn myself I guess. Probably a good call.


Mickey Johnson said...

...lovely pictures and i'm glad you got a wee bit of sun! i love the purse and the fish. it is such a fun finishing touch! xo, mickey

Piecefulafternoon said...

Lovely pin and lovely purse - and oh what a lovely day.

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

Love that purse, you did a great job!!!!! And your sunny day looks beautiful!!!

Elenka said...

I, living in Maine, was reading your post and was so confused, because it's been raining there most of the day. Then I realized, you posted on Monday and today is Tuesday!! Love your purse and raku pin.

Queenie said...

Hi cutie, is the purse for sale???

Fearless Nester said... sweet of you to would be fun to use it for for me at least!