Monday, April 5, 2010

Mood Lighting

Just wanted to show you how the light changes this time of year while we're out walking.

The shadows are so dramatic surrounded by all that blue.

The lighting as we head into the sun.

The shoreline is accented in silver.

The glowing landscape as we circle and head East.

The sun acts as a spotlight on the fishing vessels tied up on their moorings.

Near sunset at the end of our walk.

It's a little like having a dimmer switch, courtesy of Mother Nature, at the end of another beautiful day.


Ange said...

Lili what a beautiful setting... Reminds me a little of the bays around Auckland. And on that lovely note, and the picture of your wonderful Easter bonnet that reminded me about all I ate this weekend, I am off for a run in our boatless countryside. Lovely day to you !

privetandholly said...

Isn't it amazing what the light can do? Just got back from spring break with my family where part of the vacation was spent at the Grand Canyon....It was a constantly changing canvas, depending on the time of day! Your photos are so beautiful and your spirit really shines your blog!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Beautiful pictures - and how great that you noticed the changes of light in each one.

jennyfreckles said...

What lovely pictures - I find it's not easy to take shots like the one with all the silver glints, but you've caught the scene beautifully. I shall recall that one when I need to find a calm space in my mind.

Maya said...

Lovely shots, Lil..., I can see the sun set right now from where I sit. Dusk is my favorite time of the day!

The Zhush said...

Silver shorelines! Mood lighting indeed, so pretty.

Low Tide High Style said...

Beautiful! There is just something about the way sunlight glints upon water! I love all of your wonderful photos, I felt like I was walking along with you guys!

Kat :)