Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fetching Shore Finds

"You're Looking Rather Fetching Today"

I remember the father of my best friend in high school always saying this to his wife. Her amused grin told us that was exactly the look she had been going for. I had a sense that in order to look rather fetching, one must possess a somewhat captivating and charming sort of style, the likes of which could not be found at the local mall. Rather, the sort of style that more likely would be found in the most unexpected of places. Such as the place where I found my lovely sea glass pin. A sweet man in his 80's, who sells from a shop in his home over in Blue Hill, fashioned this lovely pin from an exquisite color of sea glass. Beautifully frosted and pitted from the many years only salt water and wind can bestow upon its surface, the closeup below shows it displayed in a natural setting.

Here it is pinned to my favorite winter hat.

I once made buttons out of smoothed mussel shell fragments I found on the shore, for an unexpected detail on a beach coverup I had knit in white cotton for a toddler.

The detail below shows the contrast of the weathered blue and pearl white colors of the shell remnants. I used denim colored thread to sew the buttons onto the coverup.

Here's a closeup of a pretty shell my little 9 year old neighbor Jewelia gave me.

I always wear this shell tied to a ribbon on a crocheted, bolero style vest, over a simple cotton tee.

Last summer while at Jasper Beach, I found this delicate bracelet that looked as if it had been made by a child. Two lovely shades of pink beads stretched onto a thin strand of elastic cord.

It was so unexpected to discover its delicate design fit perfectly around my adult wrist.

I simply adore all these charming little accents fetched from the shore.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good, I like to read your blog, just added to my favorites ;).

Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

Each lovelier than can be!