Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blame It On Donald Trump

After watching the premier episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, where the ladies and the men were set up to duke it out over cupcakes, I drifted off to sleep early. However, I woke up the next morning with a craving that must have found its way into my subconcious, even after the foul tasting description given to the cupcakes made by the men. They had accidentally left out the sugar.
Mine, however, have plenty of sugar...

Although the ladies' chocolate cupcakes bombed, they were able to turn it around with a little creativity and a lot of chocolate ganache over the top.
I fortunately did not have heavy cream on hand to make the ganache for my cupcakes.

Anyway . . . I forgive you Donald Trump and I look forward once again to hearing you say...."You're Fired!"

1 comment:

Queenie said...

No No No, you are NOT fired - you are hired. You can make cupcakes for me anytime (once I'm off my diet!)