Friday, March 27, 2009

Adventure in Organic Eating

Today, I set off to shop organic at my local grocery store to see if I could tell a difference in taste between the brands that I regularly buy, which contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and the organic brands, which do not.

Here are some of the organic foods that I came home with. Most of them were much higher (up to double in price) than what I normally buy.

This was our first ever totally organic meal tonight.

And the organic southwest black bean soup

I thought it all tasted really good. Especially the $5.00 loaf of organic bread. After we finished eating, my husband asked where the rest of the meal was. He assumed he had only eaten the appetizer. Maybe I should have bought an organic cake mix. Oh well, there's always breakfast, when he will get a taste of the organic cereal that awaits in the cupboard.


Anonymous said...

You will be back eating in restaurants before you know it. Tell your husband ill buy him a good meal when he gets sick of eating that sawdusty crap.

Angie said...

I really enjoy organic produce. It has so much more flavor than regular produce.