Monday, June 8, 2009

Spending a Night in the Woods of Maine

Sunset last night on Lake Wassookeag.

Last night, our good friends Diane and Danny stayed with us in our newly revamped camper about 80 miles inland, in the town of Dexter, Maine. After dinner, we watched a couple movies, ending with Steven King's Cujo just before retiring for the evening.

The next morning, not far from our campsite, I took this picture

It was a strange sight for sure

Very strange . . .

But when you spend the night in the woods in Maine, you just have to be prepared for just about anything you encounter.

Oh, wait! That's just our friend Danny at a nice little Dexter eatery called Noah's Landing.
It was fun folks! We are so fortunate.


Mickey Johnson said...

...what breathtaking pictures of a gorgeous sunset! i am in awe!!! your beautiful maine is growing dearer to our hearts. my oldest wants to be a maring biologist and really wants to attend the maine maritime academy in castine. is that near you by chance? hope so then we can actually meet someday! xo, mickey

Kimberly said...

I LOVE that movie Cujo LOL... classic!
And what happened to the tree? Is someone trying to chop it down or did an animal do that? Either way the pictures are soooooooo pretty! It's amazing the colors that can come out in the sky!