Friday, June 5, 2009

I Met Queenie Today!

And her sweet little Emma too! I first met Queenie through her blog, and we finally met in person today! We laughed, we toured, we talked, we related . . . AND I didn't even remember to take a picture, if even just to show on my blog. So just imagine this, two women getting together chatting, laughing, catching up while eating a piece of pie in the middle of the day. It was so much fun and definitely too short of a visit, as I'm quite sure we could have talked for hours more. Oh Sharon, I am truly so glad that I met you and I look forward to a random visit to Machias in the future to see you again and of course check out the Sweet Pea Cabin! WAHOO!!!


Onedia Hayes Sylvest said...

how great. I look forward to a trip to Maine to meet all of you downeast folks. With construction delays who knows when that will be. However, I am excited because Sue over at Life on a Hill is coming to the states to visit her son (all the way from India) and I intend to drive to Chicago so we can have lunch. It is only 8 hours after all.

Mickey Johnson said... goodness, what fun! sounds like you have met a kindred spirit and had a great time. i am so pleased for you! xo, mickey