Thursday, June 18, 2009

Of Lobsters and Sun Dogs

Today was launch day for our lobster boat!

Shortly before 8:00 a.m. the boat transport truck from Milbridge arrived.

From our dooryard to the harbor, it doesn't take long, but if you've never seen the process, it is fascinating to watch.

Down the ramp and into the water . . .

slowly floating away from the trailer,

and into the ocean's tide!

We are very thankful and blessed for today's successful launch

of this lady we have christened Fearless.

And just a few hours later we stared in awe as this Sun Dog appeared in the sky.

It was impossible to capture a shot that would do it justice . . .

but WOW... what a rare sight... and our first time to ever see anything like it!


Lisa T. said...

Oh wow, I won't show my hubby these pics as he would covet thy boat. Our dream is to move downeast when the time is right. We vacation in Pembroke every year and really need to live there, but you know how it is. Just the loveliest pictures and good luck with the lobstah!


Mickey Johnson said...

in a word...awesome! xo, mickey