Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Garden Lettuce

Organic Gourmet Blend Lettuce from my garden.

Paired with lots of other ingredients, it was tonight's dinner.

I think I will always remember this very first taste of my garden!


Lisa T. said...

Oh, that's just beautifal. I can't wait for my first salad.



Mickey Johnson said...

...wow! can you make a salad or what!!! my mouth is watering girl! thanks for the information on the manx. they really are too cute with their stub of a tail. i am so happy to know you are so close to castine. he is only in grade 10, but he is set on maine! can't wait...well, actually i can wait, but i am thrilled to know i will have an angel of a friend to help keep tabs on my first born mischief maker and i will get to meet her to boot! xo, mickey

Kimberly said...

yUM.... i WANT ONE.. NEED MY ADDRESS lol - just playing.. Gardens are so great. My Grandmother that's passed had a big garden in the backyard as I was growing up, she always had me out there picking stuff to bring in... It's really a great hobby to watch the food grow!

Queenie said...

Yay! Your very first harvest! Congratulations to you - and the radish is exquisite too!