Friday, February 6, 2009


The frosty multi colored hues of sea glass or mermaid tears
often hold a romantic connection to the past.

Collecting sea glass can provide a peak into the history of an area. I found this piece near the old steamer wharf in Sorrento, where in the late 1800's steamships made routine trips in the summer months from Boston and nearby Bar Harbor. Perhaps this glass button was lost from the garment of a Victorian lady during her time spent here.

This appears to be a gemstone from the setting of a ring, forever lost to the sea by its former owner.

These rare and hard to find pieces of black sea glass were also found in Sorrento. When held up to the light they have a translucent greenish glow.

We are often inspired to use seaglass in our art.
Here is a closeup shot of a piece of seaglass that has been fired into the bottom of a pottery bowl.

This shows the beginning layout of a piece combining seaglass with a few of our raku fish.

And here is a closeup of what I made today. Pieces that were once part of a bottle of beer.
I have wrapped the pieces in silver wire and strung them together onto a recycled lamp that provides a soft amber glow.

Perfect to reflect upon my connection to those so long ago, whose hands may have once touched the bottle that brought me these remnants from the past.


Queenie said...

The amber glass glow is spectacular! Did you wire it OVER the existing lampshade or actually create a lampshade with the glass....there is such mystery about sea glass. Mystery and beauty and I have big bowls of it in every room of my house...I sort of feel like I'm collecting bits of the past. The button and gemstone you have are amazing....

Fearless Nester said...

Queenie, The lamp was from Walmart clearance -- a gooseneck table lamp with concentric rings of clear plastic pendants suspended off of the top. I never could get the rings re-attached after I pulled off all the plastic, so I improvised -- to my delight there were holes all around the top part to start my wires in. Oh I just knew I should have posted a full shot of the lamp -- but it looked a little more mysterious as a closeup! Big bowls of sea glass in every room sounds so dreamy...

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