Monday, February 2, 2009


3 days later, back on Eagle Lake

Drill more holes

Something is about to happen...

A moment of enlightenment

Ahhh. . . this is how it's done

A day worth repeating! Happy Groundhog Day!


Anonymous said...

That is a nice fishy. Did you put him back or murder him? It looks like a brown trout-or salmon smolt.
Did you measure it? Great job of catching it. How many did you get?
Where are the short ones you are hiding? I saw a game warden hiding in one of your photos! Better wach out! better not cry! capt Danube.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever change your blog. life is booring enough without you not changeing your stuff. Tell me a funny story. or ill start telling comments in the form of comments. Tests today-more tests coming up- then hopfully death. My ashes to be spread on the cemetary next to the admiral.....capt ube.