Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Winter Has Been Gentle

This morning as I stood by the window snapping a few pics,  I noticed that the plumage of our little American Goldfinches is already starting to brighten a bit.  Although, it may just be wishful thinking on my part. 

Off in the distance I heard the familiar sound of our chainsaw and decided to bring my camera outside while I caught up to Henri.  It was surprisingly mild and so I took a little look around dreaming of when I may get back into the garden.  

These dewy branches are the last remains of the dusting of snow we received late last night.

During our walk today, it was a little hazy looking across Frenchman's Bay where I noticed there was still a faint bit of snow left on the mountains of Acadia.  I never tire of this view.

We noticed these gulls out on the lichen-covered ledge taking a mid-morning snooze.  We made sure to tiptoe by, so as to not wake them.  Not that they would ever return the favor, but after all they did provide an appreciated photo-op on this hazy morning.

Back at home, another birdie serves as sentinel to my tiny backyard greenhouse that I am just itching to get back into.

A little reminder to me that as gentle as the Winter has been so far, it would behoove me to not let my guard down quite yet.  Nevertheless, the softening ground had me eager to get back into my rubber boots.

 Mud season, I'm all ready for you now!  Anyone else getting a good case of Spring fever too?  


Country Girl said...

Yes. It was beautiful here today. I didn't even need my coat when I left work. This is cRaZy!!

Love your boots ~

Anonymous said...

Cute pink rubber boots! I heart them to pieces.

Terra said...

Lovely snoozing seagulls and brilliant pink mud boots. Yes, spring fever is officially here too, in my heart.
I am your newest follower and have a book and soap give away today on my blog.

vicki said...

Oh Lili- I want it to be spring so badly! I want to open up the doors and let the spring air into our house. Outside in our yard the yellow and purple crocus are in full bloom- I'm afraid they are in for a shock later on! I'm counting the days until spring arrives. But like you- our winter has been mild. NO snow----!!

Your pictures are so beautiful- the goldfinch is amazing. The colors are so beautiful- we love our goldfinches too.

Your boots are killer! No body will look better sloshing around in the mud than you girlfriend!

Thank you for your precious comments on my last post- they meant the world to me--

Love you-

Heaven's Walk said...

Hasn't this winter been a total blessing, Lili??? Wow. We're way below our normal average snowfall...thank goodness. :) It's felt almost spring-like all winter long here. But we are expecting 4" this weekend (ugh!), but then again, we heard that our March was supposed to be warmer than normal! Yay! I just love seeing photos of the views outside your windows, Lili. Sooooo pretty!!

xoxo laurie

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Winter has truly been wonderful! That sea picture is stunning!!

regan said...

Totally! It was almost 50 today, and beautiful blue skies! Spring can't be far off, right?

Polly said...

Oh yes! There is sun streaming through my windows today and it is wonderful! Snow predicted for the weekend though!

lovely photos as always my friend!


Julie said...

OH yeah girl...Spring is coming...wanting to get out in the yard to see what surprises await in this new little Iowa plot of earth that we call home...I'm alovin' me those pink boots!!!Quite the gardener you are! Fancy feet! rah! I adore goldfinches. so bright and cheerful in the landscape. Add in the cardinals and bluebirds and woodpeckers and its a rainbow! Hugs to you Lili...and yes...watching and waiting on the brink for that last show of Winter to come swooping in and laugh at all of us as it steals away our Garden plans ONE last time....for good measure...says Old Man Winter...:-)xoxo **went back in to Frenchman Bay's Shop to see more closely your starfish finds...BEAUTIFUL!!!

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Lili, The pic of the gulls is stunning . . . very pretty. Hopefully, your Winter will remain gentle this season. I wouldn't mind a pair of those rubber boots, too cute. Have a beautiful afternoon, Sandy:O)

hometown girl said...

it's been really mild here too. snowed last night and it was that beautiful snow that sticks to everything, it's magical really. i love your sweet boots, i so need a pair of those! thank you so much you are just the sweetest, kindest heart! sending a great big hug! susan

Elenka said...

Yes, we have really lucked out with the winter.
We still have a layer of snow all over the place, but not the several feet we usually have this time of year.
I'm loving it

Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

We get rain rain rain rain rain rain wind rain rain rain rain rain wind rain rain rain.

I'm not complaining - anything is better than snow. And I baked bread yesterday. Fabulous recipe - no knead bread.

jennyfreckles said...

We had a very warm spring-like day during the week but it's been freezing cold again this weekend. I'm longing to see colour again. Your photos are lovely - I especially like the seagulls and your treatment of the subject. I want some pink boots too!

Debbie said...

Gorgeous photos!! We are about to be hit with 10 inches starting tomorrow! Winter is very late this year...

Privet and Holly said...

Thankfully, the big
storm that was forecast
veered way north and
we are only getting a mix
of rain and snow and
most likely, ice. We have
also had a very gentle
winter ~ love that phrase ~
so I'm not quite as antsy
for spring as I would
normally be, by now.
LOVE all your photos,
especially the tree with
the droplets!

xx Suzanne

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hello my dear LIli,

I am so happy to visit here and to see beloved Maine...and the bonus of the sounds is wonderful.

Congratulations! Check out the end of my new posting and you'll see why.

Love to you and Henri,