Wednesday, February 1, 2012

frenchmans bay tea co.

It's time I introduce my new blog to you and invite you to come take a look at what living in a small town on the coast of Maine can do to your mind during these long cold winter months.  Yep, it's official, I have succumbed to a fantasy land where I dream up places that exist only in my imagination. Thus, I've blended my desire for sweet desserts, hot cups of tea, dreamy garden spaces and some much needed retail therapy and rolled it all up into a new exciting (for me) place where I can explore this wild imaginary dream I have.

Come on over for a few minutes and step into my dream world where I plan to give my imagination full reign.   You can find me here:


Privet and Holly said...

I had noticed this
name on your Blogger
profile and wondered...
hmm....Can't wait to

xx Suzanne

vicki said...

Well my dear friend - I have been there and now I am back -- loving every thing about your beautiful new "dream"! I am one of your first followers and will look forward to many good times and the sharing of dreams in your special place~~


Julie said...

I am on my way!!! lickety-split! Hugs to you Lili :-)

Rain said...

We should all be so fortunate as you-that our mind wanders to something productive! As I believe this is productive-it's perfect! Can so feel myself here-love the music!