Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Night in the Neighborhood

Since the winter solstice we have gained about an hour of daylight in the evening, so we find ourselves once again enjoying this time of day for our walks.  

If only we were as tall and thin as our shadows make us look this time of year. That's me on the left and Henri is carrying his walking stick on his right side.  Notice the lack of snow around these parts for this time year.  

Here it comes, that warm glow of the setting sun starting to work its magic on these bare branches.  

The reflections in the water are incredible and it's hard for me to capture the beauty of what I see in person.

It's the end of the workday for these sternmen headed back to the shore.  Their commute takes them right into the setting sun.  

And then, as the sun sinks closer to the horizon a few boats in the harbor take on the eerie sight of a fire at sea.

Thus concludes the end of another beautiful walk and the beginning of a quiet Friday evening 'round these parts.  Thanks for stopping by to visit, and if you're a sports fan I surely hope your team wins this weekend, as long as you're rooting for the right one that is.  GO PATS!  [For the record, I am not a sports fan, but I can appreciate those that are, and so for my sweet friend Jeanne, this one was for you.]


jojo said... really would be tall! Funny, my shadow always seems to be a little short and fat, hmmm.

Julie said...

Love seeing your photo work again. and YES unbelievable that there is NO white in them...especially for MAINE!!! watch out February!! It looks like Fall. The water is beautiful. I know you must cherish living where you do. Hugs to you Lili. can't believe we get to visit TWO blogs by you. woot. xoxo

Teri said...

Great boat shots! Love seeing your photos again.

Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

A perfect time of day for great shots - each one gives another story of the day.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Beautiful scenery as always! It looks wonderful without snow,... or do you wish it was all covered in white??! Not a sport fan here either, so glad my husband is in the same boat. Have a great weekend!!

Kelly said...

I think sunset is my favorite time of day. Especially in the summer when we have those long days and all the animals are laying around after their supper. Oh, I look forward to those days. Beautiful pics.

SprinkleBakes said...

Really beautiful! I am missing the snow this year. We've usually had a big snowstorm by now, but alas. Not as such. Not yet, anyway.

the cake chick said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Go Pats!

Country Girl said...

I loved this, Lili. The shadows are wonderful and I've been thinking of you with your whole extra hour of light. I don't think people realize how much shorter the evenings are in Maine.

Crown of Beauty said...

What lovely pictures you have posted once again. It's -35 degrees in the Ukraine and people are dying of the unexpected cold weather. I know the cherry blossoms are out in some parts of your country when it should still be snowing. Well, whatever the reason for the lack of snow in your part of the world, I guess you are doing the right thing... enjoying each moment as it comes!

I visited your other blog, but these new templates somehow won't let me leave a regular comment... so I'm leaving it here. What a wonderful idea, Lili. The cakelets looks so yummy.

Have a great February ahead of you!

Thanks for the visit to my blog, and the kind comment. What an encouragement!


Daisy said...

Beautiful pictures especially the bird in mid air.

Privet and Holly said...

I know, we've had
the same sort of
winter. I think that
we deserve one like
this though, don't
you? Such a nice
ritual that the two
of you have. That's
crazy hour at our
house now, but I
know that someday,
Eric and I will be
following in your
footsteps, so to speak : )

Happy sunday,
xx Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Oh it looks wonderful and your pictures are very beautiful,thank you for your kind comment,i look forward to getting to know you x

hometown girl said...

lili you always capture such beauty! there is no snow on the ground here either, it's so odd! sending a big hug! susan

jennyfreckles said...

They really do look like they're on fire. The golden hour is rightly called that.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Well heck, I wondered what was going on with you and Henri. No, I cannot believe the lack of snow. We need it! The plants need it to get rid of pests. The water tables need it.

Your photos are glorious. I love that Heidi time, you know, the end of day when the rose color suffuses everything. Remember how Heidi loved to see the Alps turn pink?

Yes, we've been through quite a lot this past few weeks, but we are heading out to the sunshine and feel blessed to have made it this far. Jeff has sciatica now so is working from bed.

Love to you and Henri,


debsea said...

that was beautiful~

Jay said...

wow...beauuuuuuutiful your post..;)

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Anonymous said...

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vicki said...

Lili- what a wonderful collection of photos. I think it is so beautifully scenic where you live - in every season-- you are so blessed. I especially love the photo of the boat- with the cabin lights on in the night-- it's just fabulous.

Love that you share these great photos--/ almost as good as being there on your walks--

Just had our first winter snow last night--


Debbie said...

Love your photos....especially your shadows and the "fireboat"...from one fellow Mainer to another!! Great blog! I'll be back!

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hello Lili, Your photos are always stunning . . . what a talent you have. I'm sure you miss the snow . . . don't you? Hope all is well with you and Henri (Simone too). Blessings, Sandy:O)

Tracey said...

Simply breathtaking Lili!!! I always love your photos!!


:) T

mickey johnson said...

beautiful! i wish i could go for a walk with you! so glad the sun is lingering a bit so you can get out and about to share these pictures with us! much love!!!