Friday, May 27, 2011


If you asked Henri, he would say it's the most favorite vehicle he's ever owned.  So it was only fitting that I took a picture of it yesterday sitting in our driveway before we left for a 5:30 appointment at the Toyota dealership.  It's a 1997 with 118,000 miles without a speck of rust. 

It's been a couple weeks since we've been out for a walk due to all the rain we've had here lately.  Here are some scenes from our walk tonight. 

Just for fun, we took a different route than what we normally take. 

This is a view from Sorrento Fish & Lobster.  In the foreground is the pen where they keep the lobsters until distribution. 

Near the end of our walk we noticed the fog was starting to roll in over Sorrento Harbor. 

Henri walking away from his beloved truck for the last time last night.  Toyota bought is back due to a failure on the frame.  He was crushed. 

We asked them what they will do with the truck.  We were told it would be crushed. Even though we suspected that was the case, we couldn't help but physically wince a little when we heard it.  On the upside, we were given one and a half times the blue book value for it that will go toward our next used vehicle.  But he really did love that truck. 


Anonymous said...

Awww, geee. So sorry to hear about the truck. I'm that way about my Nissan Pathfinder. Have had it since 2002 and it's the only vehicle I ever want. It's just a honey.


Lisa T. said...

Oh so sorry Henri. We also had to let a truck go last week. Two things that can never be replaced in a man's heart--a good dog and a good truck.

Low Tide High Style said...

That is incredible to live where you do and to not have a speck of rust on a vehicle. I'm sorry Henri's beloved truck has to be replaced, but I hope the new vehicle will be just as wonderful! I loved your photos, and that!

Kat :)

Rain said...

Thanks for the kind words about my getting better Lili !! I can so feel for Henri--Toyota bought back my old green toyota tacoma a year and half ago-still miss it so-it was a 93' and had more then 200,000 miles with many more to go-in great shape-but they said it was a frame thing also-and gave us way more then was worth monetary wise--guess the emotional tole of the ole faithful didnt count as much to them! Because you'd think they could have somehow come up with another way to tell you it was going to be "crushed"? right Henri?!

Julie said...

Awwww.Poor Henri... Kurt had his 1985 truck with over 220,000 miles on it hauled away. It was torn apart because he was working on it when he got this new job in Iowa, and we knew it would NEVER get fixed before the move, so he let it go...sniff sniff.. Sold it to a guy for parts...Bought it new way back when...WHAT GOOD trucks they make. I hope Henri finds one that makes him smile again... Lovely pics Lili! Thanks so much for sharing.. xo and hugs...

Piecefulafternoon said...

Oh so sad to lose a favorite.

Your walk was lovely - the pictures are always so fabulous!

Kelly said...

We love to give things personalities. So sorry to hear about the truck. The view of the lobster pound made my mouth water. Glad you can be back to your walks. Hopefully we will have some lovely days.

RSA Now said...

Gosh it's always so hard to part with your sentimental things

vicki said...

Oh no! Nothing should come between the love of a man for his TRUCK!! Poor Henri- I am so sorry- I hope he finds a new "love" soon!

You have such beauty in your area- your photos from your walk are fabulous. You have a wonderful eye with that camera- you make picture"magic!"

seanymph said...

My SIL had one too that lasted forever. He hated getting rid of it. How sad that you have to. I hope you find something you will love just as much.

Country Girl said...

I've loved a few cars I've had too, so I completely understand. Well, I think I do, but I'm not a man. Maybe it's different for men. But a good and trusty vehicle is worth its weight in gold.

Good luck in your search for the new love.

Samantha said...

Oh that's awful about the truck..I get very attached to our vehicles.

What an amazing place to live!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Sounds like a very good deal there on the truck. But I understand..., vehicles are men caves and there is attachment..., well, I should say for "my" man of course. We have had fog here every morning and night..., very unusual, but I love it!
Hope you're having a great weekend.

hometown girl said...

oh my gosh, crushed. poor Henri!
Lili your photos are breathtaking. It is so beautiful where you live and you capture that with your lens! thank you SO much for visiting today! you just make me smile and i've missed you!! hope you are well and enjoy the long weekend. our baseball games are done and we are just going to hang out with the kids tomorrow :) xo susan

Elenka said...

Sorry about the truck, poor thing.
Even tho they gave you all that money, you still have to go out and buy a new one. Oh well, maybe in the end it will be even better. What color??

Anonymous said...

I know how Henri feels. Every time I turned in a car for a new one I cried like a baby. Why is it that we get so attached to a hunk of metal?


Tracey said...

Lili you really are a talented photographer! Your photos are gorgeous!!! Glad you got out for a walk, we've had a lot of rain here lately so good for getting my gardening done...


:) T

jennyfreckles said...

Sounds like you probably got a good deal on that truck, despite its sad end. Hope you soon find another. And I love your photos.

Anonymous said...

sorry about the truck. it looks too lovely to be crushed.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hello Lili, You are a natural with that camera . . the forth pic is pretty enough for a postcard . . Hope all is well with you kiddo, Sandy:O)

Privet and Holly said...

That shot of Henri
walking away from
his truck is just
precious. I always
take a pic of my
Eric with his cars
before he turns them
in. We haven't had
that many, because he
also takes very, very
good care of them. Yes,
it's possible to avoid
rust even in our tough
climates : ) Thanks for
the lovely walk, too!
xx Suzanne