Monday, June 6, 2011

Scenes From Our Sunday Hike With Friends

 We started off with a leisurely stroll at Asticou Azalea Garden in Northeast Harbor.   

Well, actually after a hardy brunch we got as far as the parking lot before we dug into our little white bakery take out bags. 

Ever notice how fresh air makes you hungry?

The day was glorious, yet still a bit chilly in the shade. 

But we had places to go and things to see. 

Maintenance had to be called in at one point though. 

When someone made a footprint in the Japanese Zen garden. 

At least that's what I think I saw happen.  Not that I have any incriminating evidence. 

As you see, I was too busy taking pictures.  

Creating enough havoc in the garden for one day, we decided to head over to Acadia to do the 3 mile loop around Jordan Pond. 

I'm not saying we had a "whiner" with us, but at one point I heard him muttering about his leg being broken and that there was no way this was only 3 miles.  (We found it best just to ignore him.)  What would we do without our Danny constantly entertaining us though?  We love you man!

We did a lot of picture taking and posing against this gorgeous backdrop. 

Henri checking the water temp.  Still cold. 

A rustic bridge at the half way point. 

View from the bridge looking up from the right. 

Oh I almost forgot this shot Diane took of us posing at Northeast Harbor at the beginning of our day. You can just make out the tight grip Henri has on that white bakery bag. 

What a great time we had enjoying a hike with friends. 

  And communing with nature. 


Lisa T. said...

Your pictures are always so lovely. I almost forget that I'm only about 45 minutes away!


Kelly said...

It looks like you had a lovely day. The weather has been amazing. We have to take a day and do that. Enough mucking out barns. I want to go out and play. Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

So gloriously beautiful there! Especially next to the water. Glad you got out and enjoyed yourselves!


spindrift,me said...

I do love Asticou Gardens. And all of Acadia, actually. Feels to me that I was there, thanks to your lovely photos. I almost tasted the chocolate covered thingie, but not quite. Do you have any close-ups of that??... Thanks, Lili, for your sweet comforting words about Pokey.... xo

Country Girl said...

Is it just me or are these photographs extraordinarily lovely in this post? Very very nicely done. I love all the Jordan Pond shots and wow on those gardens! Never did that walk yet. Would love to.

hometown girl said...

the scenery is just stunning! you are so lucky to live in such a gorgeous place!! xo susan

Piecefulafternoon said...

Gorgeous photos - what a wonderful day. (And great bakery) You need to let others take more pictures of you.

regan said...

Fabulous're such a great photographer! My shots never come out.....everything is either blurry, or so tiny you can't see what it was! Sheesh! lol

That looks like some amazing pastry, too! Yum!

Glad you had a great day with your friends! How nice, even with the whiner! lol

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Oh goodness Lili, I am SALIVATING. Asticou, clear waters, Jordan Pond, a loon, you hit the nail on the head with this posting and it made me even more homesick.

We can't make it to Maine until my book is finished. YIKES, but I know I have to do this (and soon!).

I am so hoping that we get together when we're back there. We hope to be there until mid October so there shouldn't be any excuses...right?

Sending love,


Privet and Holly said...

Lili, these pics
are absolutely
breathtaking! And
I laughed out loud
about the zen garden : )
I love the beautiful
clear water and the
equally lovely blue
skies. Looks like
it was a memorable
day, from start to
xx Suzanne

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I'd love to walk that loop!! I was thinking when flying into Miami looking down from the plane how pancake flat this state is. I think I might miss elevations, haha. The landscape in Maine is gorgeous!

jennyfreckles said...

What superb photos in some beautiful scenery. I can't decide whether I like the natural scenery best or the manicured gardens. Either way, I've enjoyed visiting with you.

vicki said...

Hi Lili - what a glorious Sunday afternoon you shared with friends. The scenery was spectacular - such a beautiful place to walk. Your photos are fabulous - you make me want to be there too! Jordan Pond is a beautiful place - thanks for taking us all there~~

I always look forward to your posts because you and Henri always seem to do the most fun things - I love getting to see the beautiful place that you call home~

Hilary said...

I recognized Jordan Pond right away, but I have never been to the azalea gardens......makes me miss Maine.
Again, still.

Diane said...

As usual gorgeous pictures and a lovely tour of the azalea garden. I will miss my visit there this spring, alas.

That shot of the loon is spectacular.


Rain said...

Oh Lili--wonderful post--a great day/walks with friends--such fun!! But the last photo of the loon was absolutely incredible!! I LOVED IT!! Love the loons--they are decreasing in numbers--we have been involved in the July loon count at camp--Toddy Pond--for the past 25+ years--a great adventure!! Have never gotten a photo like this!! But do get to see them and love them!!

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

what a lovely peaceful and serene. i think those treats in the white bags are pretty wonderful too! xo!

Steve PP said...

Wonderful photos, I love the Lupines and a great story about the old folks still in love!
thanks for sharing , it brought a smile to face!