Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Balance, Nature, Contentment

One of the things we did last week while our friend was visiting from California, was to go for a picnic together at a nearby place. 

We had the shoreline to ourselves. 

As we sat taking in the scenery and enjoying our lunch. 

After lunch activity. 

He must have been inspired by the balanced lunch we ate. 

Here in this beautiful place, communing with nature.

Contented to just sit and notice.   

Or to watch others pursue their own contentment. 

Even in nature, contentment is highly individual. 

Later we headed down to Rockport, Maine to visit the statue of Andre the seal. 

More happy contentment. 

It was a very good day.   


jojo said...

beautiful shots. Looks like such a peaceful day. What kind of camera do you have?? I'm looking for something a little newer for the grandbaby girl-- Lily.

Privet and Holly said...

Sounds like a
perfect day, Lili!
I also love to
take photos of
feathers when I
come across them.
Sweet photo with
Henri and Andre, too!
xx Suzanne

Teri said...

What a grand photo of Henri!! His eyes are sparkling so much!

I really like the stacked stone cairns. I'm planning to have them all over our property.

pam@ iLoveShelling said...

You'd think that the stacked stones would make you feel they are going to fall over. But no! Those pictures are so calming. Thank you for reminding me that balance can happen when adding the smallest "stone" in just the right place... to produce calmness.

Piecefulafternoon said...

What a lovely calming day - it makes me feel calmer just seeing the photos and thinking of you enjoying your day. Good balance!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

It might just be in our nature to stack rocks!!! Andre is cute!

Diane said...

What a fantastic day. I especially love the photo of the two comorants. I miss seeing them at the Singing Bridge which I also miss. Henri looks very mischievious.

I wanted to come see you when I was back Downeast but I hadn't a spare moment.

Anonymous said...

Nice shots!

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

i like that balancing act! i love the softness of the feather contrasted to the hardness of the rock...very nice!

hometown girl said...

i love all your photos and your rock sculptures are wonderful! sounds like a lovely day!! enjoy the weekend! susan

Neil and Susan Brown said...

What a beautiful day! Love your photos Lili! The weather has been the same here in Nova Scotia as well, a lovely Autumn to come. Cheers! Susan

Low Tide High Style said...

Lili, your photos are amazing! What a gorgeous place you live in and around! I would be content just to visit! Glad you had such a nice time with your friends!

Kat :)

jennyfreckles said...

Great photos - the soft colours and textures of the rocks, the feather, the beautiful birds. That's a lovely photo of Henri too - he looks so relaxed and twinkly.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Lili,

Just stopping by to say Hi and see how you are doing . . those pics look great, looks like lots of fun too. Blessings to you and Henri, Sandy:O)

Kelly said...

Love the pics of the coast. I don't get to visit as often as I would like but it is just peaceful knowing it is so close. It looks like a peaceful and content day. We all need those. They keep us sane.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard the saying-leave no trace left behind? I think this means you. The ghost of seals will play you like a fiddle!! Get ahold of your old friends so they don.t think they hate you...........

artisticblend said...

Beautiful photos. The stacking of the rocks reminds me of the work by artist Andy Goldsworthy. Ever seen it? Check it out! He does amazing things with natural objects in natural settings. Simply beautiful!

Fearless Nester said...

Hi Cathy @ Artistic Blend - I tried to leave a comment for you over at your place, but couldn't get it to show up! Yes, I have seen Andy Goldworthy's work before and it is amazing! I really enjoyed reading your tutorial for building that fabulous table too! ~Lili

Country Girl said...

I can't believe it's been this long since I've been out and about visiting. Look at all I've missed here!

I love the second feather shot, Lili. And that's a great photo of your husband with the seal.

What fun!