Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If Ever You Find Yourself In The Area

I invite you to visit me in my little funky shop by the sea (also known as one bay of our garage).

Like this happy honeymooning couple did today! Rachel and Matt were just married on Saturday and had contacted me several months ago from a feature post that my sweet blog friend Kat at Low Tide High Style did on us. They hope to also get into pottery making some day and were interested in stopping by to see our pottery in person. Aren't they adorable? Can you tell they were just married?

I must warn you though, I don't have set hours, and I'm almost never open, but if you find yourself planning a trip here, I'd love to meet you, so just email me like Rachel did. Usually I can be found somewhere around here though, like on the shore collecting shells and sea glass to keep making other stuff to put in my shop that I'm rarely in.

And whenever we make any new pottery, the shop is a place to keep it.

Then when I'm in the car and Henri is driving, I like to knit and so I keep making these hand knit wool felted purses that end up in here too. Or some funky kind of driftwood hanging rack. Sometimes I even bring home vintage paintings of the sea and hang them in the shop that I rarely open.

My hand knit wool felted scarves end up here too, along with bird houses that I cover in shells. I even have a few vintage earrings and trinkets that I scatter around here and there.

I've been known to add shells to the frames of vintage paintings that I come across, and then paint them up in whatever colors I find in my paint box.

And I almost always get a little carried away with the glitter.

So if you visit, you will likely get some on you too, and we'll have fun!


Julie said...

HOW FUN! You have your own little spot, nook, shop!!! Awesome. I am smiling for you!!! I want my own little "room, shed, one room building..." Some day!!! Thanks for sharing. If I ever got that far North, I would surely have an appt!!!! :-)

Lisa T. said...

Oh, I am so taking that as a personal invite!


Amanda said...

I love that this is your shop that you hardly ever open, and everything in it is so personal. I would definitely come and visit if ever I am in your neck of the woods!

Piecefulafternoon said...

That looks like such fun - I think WV is the closest I'll get to your shop - but I'd love to be able to stop by. Your stuff is so clever.

jennyfreckles said...

I would love to come - and if I did, I would buy that gorgeous pot in the 5th picture, the one with the amazing pinkish shiny glaze. And I would treasure it and spend all my time just gazing at it.


sweet! my little shop is in the barn too!

Privet and Holly said...

That will be a
dream for me, Lili,
to come to Maine
AND to meet you!
I'll have to keep
that image in my
brain...! In the
meantime, I'm popping
over to your on-line
shop to have a look!
Big hugs to you today.
xx Suzanne

Oliag said...

I will be making our annual trek up to Hancock ME in August...will be with loads of family members but if I can steal a moment of time to myself...or talk 8 others into doing what I want...I will email you to make sure you are home:) Would love to take a peek at your shop!

Anonymous said...

What a great shop Lili... a wonderful expression of your many talents. Wouldn't it be great to meet? Hope you are having a great day! Susan :)

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I would LOVE to come knocking on your garage door! :-)

Have a wonderful Friday!

Ro Magnolia said...

Your shop sounds exactly like the kind of shop I'd like to poke around in. Thanks for taking us on a tour. It is even more intriguing that you have such "regular" hours ... sounds absolutely perfect - open whenever you have a mind to open it - closed whenever you are wandering the beach! Love it! :)

Elenka said...

OK, thanks for the invite!!!!!!! What a sweet couple.

Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea said...

The frame is gorgeous!! I would love to visit..., but it doesn't look like it. Instead, we decided to re-visit the tip of Long Island for a few days.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Lili, Your shop looks wonderful . . pretty items! Sandy:O)

Queenie said...

one of these days I am going to surprise you ... you are really not that far from me!

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...what a great shop! i would love to visit you! what fun we would those pottery pictures too!

vicki said...

Love the little shop Lili - such a fun sweet place. How wonderful that new friends came to visit - that is going to be me for sure someday!


Rachel Lynn said...

Hi Lili! We had a wonderful time visiting your shop and seeing your studio! Thank you so much!