Thursday, July 8, 2010

Along Came A Spider

While outside with my friend Diane, she spotted this spider on one of my wild roses. As I ran back to the house to get my camera, I was hoping it would stay right there until I could take a picture. It did, so now I have a proper introduction to what I recently did to my downstairs kitchen.

Our house was built in the 60s, as you can tell from the wavy wood valance that was so popular to have back then. Blue painter's tape surrounds what became my jumping off point for my latest attempt to paint and distress yet another room.

I have been collecting ironstone plates and English silver plate, so I asked Henri to think of a phrase that would become a prominent part of my newly distressed kitchen. This is what he came up with. I used carbon paper to transfer the lettering that I printed out and enlarged and then used black paint to fill in the rest. When I finished I thought the black paint looked a little too stark, so I softened it with some chalk to fade it out a bit.

Next I needed a little layering for the window treatment, so I added some lace and stitched up some simple curtains in a fabric that reminded me of an antique linen (but it's not).

I even added a swagged ruffle to the curtain and left the edges frayed. Henri switched out the light fixture for a small chandelier. I left the natural wood in these 60s cabinets and distressed just the cabinet fronts. Then I took a picture for you from atop a chair because this is a very small kitchen.

I already had this wooden cherub shelf that I further distressed with some cream colored paint

Here's my ironstone soup tureen with some recent vintage copper finds.

I switched out my cabinet hardware for these ones that were less than a dollar a piece.

So were the bin pulls for the drawers. But they came in a shiny gold finish, so I hit them with a spray of ultra flat camo spray paint from Krylon.

My English silver plate clam shell serves as a soap dish.

And I found an antique mirror to help add the illusion of space to my tiny kitchen.

To tie into the dining area, I even changed out the "tuffet" part of my previously distressed dining chairs. This is the "before" that shows the tapestry fabric I covered them in 20 years ago.

Here's the "after" which is the same fabric I used for the kitchen curtains.

So glad that spider showed up when he did.

Because I was wondering just how I was going to explain what I did to that kitchen.


Julie said...

Woo Hoo! NICE! Love all the changes and distressing you did. Way to go! Thanks for showing all the metamorphosis techniques..
Great deals too. My kind of makeover! Enjoyed your post. :-)

Lisa T. said...

I don't know if it's too late or too hot but I didn't get it for a minute...Curds and Whey with the spider, hoo-hoo.

Anyway...I, of course, LOVE IT! The chandelier is perfect, too cute. Good job!


Teri said...

Sweet Lili!!! Love it! The new fabric on the chairs totally changes their personality. wow!

Anonymous said...

I love the new changes! They look great!

joanne said...

hey Little Miss Muffet...I love the changes you made. Thanks for sharing it all with us! That's some spider you've got there...ick!

Country Girl said...

Wow! Incredible change. You gots some talent there. And that spider has perfect timing.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Everything is fabulous - you are so clever. I love the words on the valance - and it sure doesn't look 60s anymore.

I want to redo my kitchen cabinets - with beadboard doors - it seems overwhelming but soon I'll get started on it - soon I tell you. And then my kitchen will be the palest mint green (the cupboards) and white.

Privet and Holly said...

What a FUN post, Lili!
Loved the inspiration.....
and how you interpreted it!
You are just the most clever
lady when it comes to creating
beautiful things. I love the
whole project, especially the lettering and the chandelier : )
I laughed when I saw your comment
about being one of my MAINE followers, because I think when
I started out you were my MAIN
{and first} follower! Thank you for the great suggestion on my giveaway post. I am writing all
suggestions down and then am going to enjoy surfing that CSN catalog and dreaming of what to choose.
Have a lovely weekend! xx Suzanne

hometown girl said...

it looks really great! i love the writing and the saying it perfect! i love the chandelier, super job!! susan

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful and creative re-make of your kitchen. I love the idea of the mirror on the wall. Hmmm, must go see if I have a mirror I could use in my kitchen too! Thanks for the idea.


Low Tide High Style said...

I love the spider...but I really love your kitchen, it turned out great! And the phrase you chose is just perfect!

Kat :)

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

How unique that spider looks! Love the lettering and the technique..., an adorable space!

Ro Magnolia said...

I love what you did to your kitchen and the "Curds and Whey" was really an inspired choice!

Have to say, I'm not big on spiders though!!!! :)

jennyfreckles said...

I've never seen a white spider before...I've never seen such an inspired kitchen makeover either - it's gorgeous. Lili, I wish you were here to encourage me to redecorate my bedroom. It so much needs doing, but I'm not in the DIY mood yet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lili, reading down your blog and listening to the music I find myself smiling. Love your kitchen and the fashion statement in the other post. You should see me in my hip boots collecting conchs in the winter, scary stuff, hahaha

vicki said...

Holy cow girl - you have been busy! I love the new look - and adore the colors and the design - so vintage inspired. That mirror is to die for - and the way that you did the distressing - you need to hang out your designer lady shingle my friend!


Ange said...

Lili you're amazing. I need to take lessons from you in lettering!! Love love love it all. Thank Miss Muffet's spider for us will you?

Elenka said...

Little does that tiny spider know what he/she inspired!

Really nice job.