Sunday, July 18, 2010

First Time In 100 Years

Here's the window display from a shop on Main Street in Bar Harbor to welcome President Obama as the first President to visit here since President Taft's visit in 1910.

This past Friday President Obama arrived at the Bar Harbor Airport and we were there to see it in person.

We watched as his motorcade made it's way past us on the way to Acadia National Park.

We spent both Friday and Saturday in and around Bar Harbor trying to get a glimpse of him, but all we saw was just evidence that he was in the area.

We learned that he took a hike, visited a lighthouse, took a boat ride, ate lobster and stopped for ice cream at the place pictured below. By my calculations, I believe we missed him by like 5 minutes.

Even though I didn't get to capture a photo of him for you, here's what the scenery was like for his visit here.

All and all it was an exciting experience just knowing our President was here and enjoying a little time in our area.

So instead of a close up of President Obama, I give you a close up of my Henri.

The same Henri that DID get a glimpse of him, but did not get a picture, even though I handed him the camera while he was standing up on a fire hydrant. But that's okay, there's always next time.


Piecefulafternoon said...

What an exciting day - and a great picture of your Henri. Thanks for sharing.

Country Girl said...

Well, I think it's pretty darn exciting. I bet it was packed over on MDI. I think it's great that he took the family there. What a great place to beat the heat.

vicki said...

Great story - love the photos - AND the Henri picture! So funny! OK - so - do you live in Bar Harbor - or how close to there do you live? We were JUST THERE last fall!!!!! If we came back - could we meet?


Low Tide High Style said...

Very cool! And what a beautiful place to vacation! Just think, you get to live in the beautiful state of Maine all the time!

Kat :)

Julie said...

Well I think the pic of Henri is priceless and way better than one of Obama!!! lol.
But yes there is always next time.
The scenery there is simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
Have a great Monday.

jennyfreckles said...

I tend to agree that Henri is more interesting to look at than Mr President. They have chosen a great place for a holiday though - hope they appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that he was in your area with his family. I'll bet the Obamas totally enjoyed their stay.


Privet and Holly said...

Henri for President!!
Lucky O'Bama family,
they certainly got to
enjoy a fabulous getaway
in one of the most lovely
areas of our great nation.
I hope he found it restful
and was inspired to go back
to the White House and get
to work : )! xx Suzanne
PS: I still think Henri
would be more fun as a prez....

Fearless Nester said...

Vicki - I just sent you an email!! ~Lili

Kelly said...

I figured that it was hopping up there. I hope they had a wonderful visit and saw Maine for what it really is. Homey, comfortable and filled with lovely people. (I hope the strange ones stayed home. I did.)Thanks for sharing. LOL

Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea said...

Reminds me of the Obama's on Martha's Vineyard..., he also visited a lighthouse there.