Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Velvet Drive

We ended up taking another trip over to Stonington today, which was our second trip in the past 4 days. And it wasn't just to visit the library.

Or to go fishing. But while I was there I noticed this wonderful wooden fish over the doorway of someone's home. Kind of a unique idea I thought.

Here's the view from where we parked and sat in our truck while we ate the picnic lunch I packed for us. But we weren't over here just to eat a picnic lunch.

It was another beautiful day and I took a few more pictures of the scenery over here. But even that is not why we came back today.

It is Wednesday, but surprisingly this was not the reason we came back to Stonington today either. (Not that you would notice any 'odd fellows' in this photo or anything.)

I'm sure glad we didn't make the trip way over here to find a sign like this at our destination though.

I could always eat ice cream. Too bad this place wasn't even open yet for the season. But guess what? That's not it either. We did not come to Stonington to eat velvety smooth ice cream.

The real reason we made another trip over to Stonington again today was to pick up the transmission that we had brought over on Saturday to be rebuilt for our lobster boat, Fearless. So what does that have to do with the title of my post, you may ask. Velvet Drive is the kind of transmission we have, and don't you think it makes a much better post title than just Transmission?


vicki said...

You made me laugh out loud! What a great post. Love the picture of your hubby at the oddfellow hall!

You have a wonderful way of writing on your blog! I always, always enjoy my visits here!


Privet and Holly said...

What a fun trip to Stonington.... looks like there are A LOT of reasons to visit, aside from transmissions! Thanks for the fun mystery, Lili ~ I felt kind of like Nancy Drew there, for a minute! xx P&H

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

How fun ~ love your post ... it actually made me laugh and reminded me of the Mercer Mayer stories I would read to my children when they were little. You are right ... Velvet Drive sounds much nicer. :-) Rebecca

Low Tide High Style said...

More beautiful photos of this picturesque town!!! And Velvet Drive does sound much nicer than transmission! I love that wooden fish...I want one!

Kat :)

BP said...

I was wondering why that pony-tail tie-dye dude has been frequenting STONington so soon after that weird traffic stop. We're keeping an eye on you folks!

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Lili, too funny . . Velvet Drive now that's unique . . good post, enjoyed! Sandy:O)

Lisa T. said...

I don't know, Transmission is kind of a pretty word when you think about it. Velvet Transmission, that's your Indian name or stripper name-whichever way you roll.


Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...i would have read your post no matter what, but i have to admit you had me with "velvet" in a way "transmission" never would...lovely pictures as always! xoxxo!

Piecefulafternoon said...

That made me chuckle - and yes, it did make for a very good title.

I enjoy hearing about ice cream places that aren't open yet for the "season" - here on the west coast we don't have ice cream season LOL. We indulge in ice cream no matter the time of year - or if the tourists are here or not - we just love our ice cream.

We lived in Wisconsin oh so many years ago and I found it charming that they only served chili in drive-ins after October 1 - what? No one was hungry for chili in the summer? And many of the "frozen custard stands" were closed during the winter - no ice cream in the winter there - unless you snuck off to the market and bought some.

I do like that wooden fish - so wonderfully painted - it would look great next to my Canada Goose that I made from old barn wood.

Maya said...

I love the fish -beautiful!

Kim said...

Hi Lili! I found you from Privet and Holly and just had to stop by for a visit. I can remember my hubby and I hanging out in my college dorm room as new sweethearts dreaming about one day owning a home on Penobscot Bay. We still remember that memory fondly when we look back at our courtship. That was 20 years ago!

Maurie Kirschner said...

Great post. I had a good chuckle. I love the name of your lobster boat, too! That would be appropriate for any of the local crabbing boats on our coast!

I was putting away my latest sea glass treasures in their jar and had thought of you while doing so. Then came downstairs to see you had left me a comment!

I am sure there are some folklore connected with triangles. But the lore I was speaking of has to do with four beds one in each direction for the four directions/winds/elements. Something that is found in many cultures including native American. Now I'm curious though...going to have to look up traingles...

Ange said...

I'm sure I prefer a luscious, velvety transmission to just any old transmission ;-)

Hope you met a few other oddfellows and had a whale of a time going pink as a lobster and transmitting all that enthusiasm fearlessly to the incoming boats.

That sparkly water just looks sooooo inviting

twobusy said...

I've heard the ice cream there is really good, but I've never tried it. Quite a drive from up here, though, isn't it?