Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Romantic Shabby Vintage Cravings

Lately, I have been dreaming of again living in a vintage home. This one always catches my eye, but it is not for sale, and even if it was, the costs to restore it would be staggering, as no one has even lived in it for the 7 years we have lived in Sorrento.

Down around the corner from this abandoned house is this pretty white garden gate.

The seaside lupines are just beginning to bloom. This time of year on the coast, it is a sign of an early summer.

Here is another seaside summer home. I just love how the lilacs spill over the entrance gate.

Even this abandoned boat is appealing to me.

Yep, that paint is definitely "a peeling"!

But isn't it lovely anyway?

What is it about the ocean, that makes even abandoned objects seem romantic?

This is one of the scenes along our drive into Ellsworth, a 12 mile trip to where we do our grocery shopping.

On our way there 2 days ago, something caught our eye. A new listing of a vintage seaside home that caused us to end up pulling in the driveway for a closer look. It is currently vacant.

Henri fell in love. Hard. And me? I'm a little scared to actually schedule a visit to view the inside.

Oh, and across the street, here's the view.

I asked Henri, "What if it has ghosts?" He replied "So?" But that's not what I'm scared of. (And you thought I was a Fearless Nester. ) When it comes right down to it, I may crave shabby, but I know we have it really good where we're at now.


vicki said...

Love the fabulous pictures Lili! The abandoned house looks like something from Green Gables - but you are right - would cost a mint to fix it up! The cottage - is perfect - love the view - hard to turn that down - but I know just how you feel. Change is hard - and when you are already settled~~~ I don't know - tough choice.

We love our second home in Florida - and I have always said that I would love to live there - BUT when the gardener said - lets go - I freaked. Leave my house - my yard - my best friend next door - my sisters? Could not do it - so we just visit back and forth between the two places.

Now I am more careful about what I wish for!


Lisa T. said...

Oh, oh, oh. I won't even go there. I'm sitting on my hands and clamping my mouth shut (which is pretty durn hard to do while typing let me tell ya). But if he talks you into it, CALL ME! I'll help decorate.


Low Tide High Style said...

Oh, I'm not a good one to give advice on this subject, I'm a sucker for a vintage house! But I will say that you really should at least take a peek inside!

Kat :)

Piecefulafternoon said...

What lovely properties - and the views are amazing. I would love to live by the ocean - it would be my ultimate dream - but each day I am thankful that I have my sweet little house near the woods.

I do love the a'peeling boat - a boat of any kind catches my eye.

If the house has ghosts I'd love to hear about them.

My word verification is "mooner".

jennyfreckles said...

It looks beautiful - but then, so does where you are now! I adore that boat - lovely textures and colours.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Lili, That house Henri likes, it's gorgeous. Dave thinks I'm crazy, but I love to move to new places . . how exciting. Change is expensive . . You guys live in paradise now, why change anything. I thought the first house pic looked a little scary . . When you asked Henri about ghost, Dave would response the exact same way, "So". I would ask the same question too. Have a Happy Thursday! Sandy:O)

TMAR said...

Your pictures are just so gorgeous! Makes me want to move!

Privet and Holly said...

Lili! Congrats on winning over at Kat's place ~ I was so happy that it was YOU : ) I'd say, what is the harm in going in and having a look? Remember, we are growing YOUNG, right? And sometimes that involves taking a risk....change....or maybe just LOOKING. That little house makes MY pulse race and, selfishly, I'd love for you to go and take pictures because I DO like to PEEK!
Happy Thursday, sweet Lili!
xx P&H

Maya said...

I'm getting ready to move on..., haha, after three years in this house. So I'd be very interested in taking a look..., besides, I love to tour homes!

Teri said...

Lawsy I LOVE that cottage and the view just sold me! If I was looking to live in Maine (which I really could do) I'd be calling the realtor!!

I love rocky, coldwater beaches. Tropical beaches leave me yawning, but show me a rock strewn, fir lined beach... ahhhhh.

Ange said...

Hmm - I dunno there Lili, I'm a bit over old homes. The draughts, the impractical designs ( ok - not all the time ;-) and the GHOSTS!! Looking forward to hearing all about it if you finally move into one. The renovation job would be fun!!

Dear Lillie said...

Love this post, Lili and all of the gorgeous photos! Both houses are gorgeous! I wish I had boatloads of money and could buy that first one and fix it up! And the view from the last one - wow! Also, the I agree - there is something about the ocean that makes even something old and tattered seem so romantic!

Neil and Susan Brown said...

Love your photos! The boat is exquisite. Nature is the best artist with all those layers of colour and peel. You know Lili, it wouldn't hurt to look at the cottage. The Victorian would be a money pit though and I speak from experience.... been there! Great blog!!! Susan :)

Elenka said...

So, buy it for a summer home. A home away from home. Closer to Hannaford??

Julie said...


Just hopped over from Suzannes at Privet and Holly. You were on her sidebar as a favorite place to visit. Love your blog and all the neat stuff and photos. Saw that you have family on Lake Norman. Beautiful. I am in Charlotte, and have family up there. The sunsets are beautiful...Very crowded and coveted location up there...not anything probably like views you get in Maine. I have a friend whom I used to do Dog Rescue with 4 years ago, who followed her hearts dream and moved up there a couple of years ago. Just emailed her your link, as I think she will love to check in and visit all of your great pics and stories. I know I will. Thanks for blogging such great stuff..