Saturday, May 15, 2010

Things That Caught My Eye Today

While out on our walk today we came upon these tulips someone planted en masse amidst a naturalized field of forget-me-nots. It's still early spring here on the Coast.

What a lovely arrangement courtesy of Mother Nature.

Too bad the owners are not here yet to see this. This is in the garden of one of the summer homes here in Sorrento that we pass by on our walk.

This is a tree in bloom in front of Sorrento's public library. The library that only opens for the months of July and August.

A stone wall laden with a shade of mustard colored lichen in front of another one of those vacant summer homes.

A scene along Ocean Avenue during our walk. I tried to capture the different colors in the water made from the reflection of the sky.

When we arrived back home, I went out to my garden to take a picture of my broccoli plant that came back from last year's garden. It's actually flowering already. Broccoli in MAY, in Maine? Wow.

Back inside, the sun had started it's slow descent in the sky and was completely illuminating the view of the shore from our balcony window.

May we never take this place for granted. We're so blessed to have enjoyed yet another beautiful day in Maine.


Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

I am always in such awe of Mother Natures gifts. Thank you for sharing the beauty...have a wonderful day tomorrow. : -)

Elenka said...

Wow, you never should take that for granted. How nice to be there year round, to see the sights and colors year round that the summer people will never see. Thanks for sharing.

twobusy said...

I will miss all this! Deciding to move elsewhere in winter is a lot easier that getting ready to move from here in spring!

Fabulously french said...

What beautiful photos Lili, love the tulips and the brocoli flower is tres belle.

A tres bientot,


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Yes Lili, how blessed you guys are to live there, it is absolutely a gift from God to wake up to that everyday. Love seeing the pics . . Have a Happy Sunday! Sandy:O)

Privet and Holly said...

Lili, it is a gift because you see it that way. There are a lot of people who live in gorgeous places who are either immune to it or they just don't "see it" like you do. It is so important to be MINDFUL to all that surrounds us or we miss the opportunity for gratitude and being in the moment and.....LIVING. You do it so well, my dear friend. Thank you for taking me along! xx P&H

Piecefulafternoon said...

What lovely photos - too bad the owners aren't there to enjoy - but how nice that they planted the tulips anyway - knowing they wouldn't be there - but others would get to enjoy them.

Amazing scenery from your deck.

vicki said...

beautiful spring treasures - don't you just love the colors of a new Spring! Makes me smile just to see the spring flowers - and hear the birds chirp!

The view from your balcony is fabulous - what a wonderful place to sip a cup of coffee!


cindy said...

I've always dreamed of going to Maine. My husband's mother owned a summer cottage on the beach but sold it many years ago.I wish she had kept the cottage; I'll just have to enjoy Maine through your camera lens for now.

Maya said...

Just gorgeous! We walked our favorite coastal trail Sunday..., lots of beautiful wild flower, but I did not bring my camera!

Low Tide High Style said...

Beautiful photos as always Lili! I feel like each time I visit your blog I get to take my own little mini vacation in beautiful Maine! I hope you have broccoli to eat very soon!

Kat :)