Monday, August 15, 2011

Rendezvous in a greenhouse.

I would like to say my first moon lit visit to my greenhouse was spent with Henri, but that’s not the way fate had planned it.

My friend, G., on the 3rd anniversary date of her father’s passing, had phoned to alert me that her precocious patient was at that very moment making a beeline toward our front door. Said patient, our elderly neighbor, was hoping to somehow ditch the watchful eyes of her caregiver, who she thought she had just unwittingly snuck out on. Me, prepared for the unexpected, opened the front door to greet my hopeful neighbor exclaiming “You’re just in time for coffee and lemon cake with Henri.  And look, your favorite TV show is on too!” Glancing backwards she quickly stepped inside leaving her caregiver patiently waiting outside.

Silently mouthing the words “meet me out in the greenhouse” to G., I nodded to Henri to take charge. Leaving the room, I had a plan whose time had come. A new batch of my home made raspberry liqueur was ready, and that morning I had remembered to decant it.

After making sure my inside duo was settled in with their cake and coffee, I grabbed the liqueur with a couple cordial glasses and headed out the back door as the full moon lit my way out to the greenhouse.

Giggling at the shear craziness of the events that precipitated this impromptu escape to the greenhouse, G. and I lifted our glasses to acknowledge this date on the calendar. The anniversary date of her father’s passing.

As she spoke of her last hours with him, a quiet, almost physical sensation of melting into calm could be felt. It’s really all she needed. Just a brief moment to remember the day he left.


Knowing we couldn’t remain out there for too much longer, the term "lunatic" came to mind as we gathered our courage to high tail it back to the house,  keeping a watchful eye for the bear, or the family of raccoons that have been seen around the neighborhood as of late.

Safely back inside, we heard the familiar sounds and laughter from the rerun television show involving one Archie Bunker. All was well again and our brief absence was hardly even noticed.

Later, reflecting on the evening's events, I smiled at the special bond I now felt with my newly acquired greenhouse and the unexpected role it had played in its ability to provide comfort.

Next time, I promise you a day visit.


Low Tide High Style said...

Oh my, what an evening! Good thing you had a beautiful moonlit greenhouse and some raspberry liquor on hand! Your photos are lovely, especially the shot of the moon!

Kat :)

jennyfreckles said...

How lovely that you could share that special time to support your friend. Looks like that greenhouse will become the stage for many adventures.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely story. You were able to provide respite for your friend and indeed for her charge who enjoyed a little free time with Henri. Hooray for your little greenhouse. Gorgeous photo of the full moon too.


Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

Simply lovely - times like this are so special, and leave me almost speechless with delight.

Angel Luli said...
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Crown of Beauty said...

Your blog is fast becoming a favorite of mine. The pictures of the moon, the greenhouse, the raspberry wine with leftover raspberry bits still in the strainer... and the story is quite funny - several subplots within the main plot... again everything blends so beautifully. I can relate to this third year anniversary of G's dad. My own dear husband left this earth nearly three years ago. There is still a place in my heart where the wound of his leaving has not healed.

Reading this post somehow brought a measure of comfort to me.

Thank you!
( So sorry, I was on my sister's laptop, and she was signed on, so her name appeared on my first comment, which I have deleted.)


August 16, 2011 9:34 AM

Country Girl said...

Oh, it's up! What a special moment. But hey, wait a minute . . a BEAR?!!

SprinkleBakes said...

How kind you are! Your greenhouse - your home in general, seems like a very gentle place.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hello Lili,

Sounds too funny and sweet to, I could sure use some of that raspberry liqueur right now and all in the dark included. Henri makes a good babysitter:O) Stay safe, Sandy:O)

Anonymous said...

This feels like the beginning of a wonderful short story...thank you for sharing!

regan said...

Lili, that is such a sweet story! And your pics are, as always, just beautiful!

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy the evening. cordial and a spiritual connection in a beautiful setting. xo~

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hi dear Lili,

I love the PEACE your presence and your magical greenhouse (not to mention the liqueur) gave that poor soul.

Your shots of the moon are fantastic. This pitiful little point and shoot I have is ok, but not good. I'd love to invest in another. Your photos are breathtaking.

We're hoping that you and Henri journey southward in a month or so. We're not going any further south. Ogunquit was a mad house.

Love to you and Henri,


Anonymous said...

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Robin Larkspur said...

Beautiful sharing on a moon-lit night. What a good friend you are! Your greenhouse is marvelous.

Elenka said...

Hi Lili, Just catching up on your posts, I've been away helping mom and dad in Florida and am behind on everything.
First, happy anniversary! You guys are such an attractive couple!
Second, I want your green house! I have a friend that had a 'tea house' built out in her perennial gardens and she has a tea set in there. It was lovely with tea and biscuits (english cookies).
You are so lucky to live in such a glorious place.
Hey, I'm lucky too, to be in Maine. (ask me that again in February,tho) In under an hour I can drive to the ocean or the mountains.
Enjoy your greenhouse.

Lee said...

Love it!!!

Lisa RedWillow said...

I adore your greenhouse. Beautiful. Its nice to have friends that you can spend time with. So glad you shared this.

Hartwood Roses said...

I can't think of a better, or more meaningful way to christen your new greenhouse! You will enjoy this sunny space more than you ever imagined.

vicki said...

That is a wonderful story- definitely a special time spent with your friend. The greenhouse was the perfect little meeting place- you've helped to make a difficult day- a very special day- for your friend--