Sunday, August 21, 2011

Garden Discoveries

They're here!  All my little sunflower faces, burst wide open and waiting for me in my garden this morning.  Grown from a pack of seeds, it really is remarkable to see them for the first time.  

And I discover my sunny yellow, pear shaped tomatoes have started to ripen too. 

Even with 3 seasons under my belt, it still gives me a thrill to find real food growing right here in my tiny garden.  Yesterday's harvest.  New red potatoes, zucchini, my fun multi-colored carrots, 2 remaining purple beans, a snap pea and a newly ripened cherry tomato. 

So how do I choose to prepare it for lunch?

Deep fry it. Oh my!  It almost seems a shame to alter it with hot oil, but have you ever tasted fried zucchini with a side of Boursin cheese?

Might as well fry up the potatoes too while I'm at it, and add a little side of BBQ sauce for dipping.  

It's enough to make a health conscious chef faint dead away.  But still, it was pretty good. 


Sharon Lovejoy said...


You're a mama to a garden.

Yes, seeds are the last great bargain...and look at the life they give...and the joy.

I am so happy for your passion.



regan said...

That lunch looks amazing! Yum!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

The sunflowers are gorgeous!! So exciting. We love, love boursin cheese around here! I think I'm going to grill the zucchini (from the store)..., and hope it'll taste as good. Happy Sunday!!!

Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

It is exciting to see things growing - and when it is food it is so much more fun to eat it when we've grown it ourselves. I love the sunflowers - such sunny happy faces.

And zuchinni - I love it in any form!

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

beautiful sunflowers and fruits of labor. I kick myself every year for not planting a garden. I need to consider the benefits come March and just get busy. Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! Gosh... I know deep fried is not a good thing but it's so wonderful!!

Low Tide High Style said...

That lunch sounds yummy, and I've never seen pear shaped tomatoes!

Kat :)

Sallyarte said...

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Kelly said...

Lili, do you think you are a Southerner? I love to fry veggies occasionaly. Beautiful sunflowers.

Debi@7Gates said...

Its so much fun to see the different zones of gardeners across our country. Your veggies look so lush. As for your meal, Paula Deen would be impressed. Debi

Linda said...

I can only imagine your creativity next year now that you have that greenhouse!

Rain said...

Oh Lili~you made tempura!! Fantastic!! Your veggies look great-I love the way they surprise us and make us so happy even though we see them year after year-like autumn leaves!! Never grown tomatoes like those--love them!! are they ripe at yellow or need to turn red?

Samantha said...

I do love those yellow pear tomatoes!
Looks like a wonderful lunch!

hometown girl said...

what a wonderful harvest! can i please come over to eat? this looks really good! you need a little fried food every now & then! have a great week! xo susan

Robin Larkspur said...

I am in love with your pear-shaped tomatoes, absolutely enamored. What a creative garden you have grown.

Country Girl said...

Oh, my word. You are totally food stylin' here, girl. I love it.

Privet and Holly said...

I don't think
there is a wrong
way to cook any
yummy thing that
comes fresh out of
the garden, Lili!
And I had my share
of fried Walla Walla
Sweets while I was
out in Washington : )
xx Suzanne

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Lili, One question . . do you deliver to Chino, California. Looks so good . . it's making me hungry. Blessings, Sandy:O)

Linda Myers said...

I'm similarly amazed to find actual food growing in my garden. Just found three renegade zuccinis, a bowl of blueberries and a meal's worth of green beans while I was watering.

Lisa RedWillow said...

It looks amazing.
Lovely photography

Crown of Beauty said...

Oh Lili, what a delight to know that you dropped by my place. I actually read this post on the same day you published it - and I was just blown away by the pictures you took of the little sunflowers and your garden produce.Even though we have met only on cyberspace, I am excited at the thought of having met you. The fried zucchinis I have never tried before. I usually put them in a vegetable pasta together with garlic, olive oil, and broccoli. Must be so yummy.

Your pictures are always so special. Have you ever tried making cards out of them?

See you again soon...


jennyfreckles said...

How lovely to be harvesting your own veg. Deep fried might not be very healthy (maybe because it's veg it's more OK?) but it looks delicious.

vicki said...

Sunflowers and little yellow pear tomatoes- my 2 summer favorites!! I love sunflowers in every shape and form- the off colored ones are my favorites..

That zucchini is totally sinful- shame on you-- ( maybe save me a little piece--!)

seanymph said...

Oh yum, I am going to have to fry some zucchini soon just to have an excuse to eat Boursin hehehe

Heaven's Walk said...

FRIED....the ONLY way to eat zucchini, Lili! lol! LUV IT!

xoxo laurie