Monday, July 4, 2011

The High Point of Our Summer

Henri and me posing with our daughters this past week.   

This is the first time in several years they have come here together at the same time.  Here's the view from the summer house they rented right here in Sorrento named Highpoint

Our oldest daughter Jen and her family.

Our youngest daughter Angie and her family.

The youngest grandchild is 22 mos., but that didn't stop us from all going on a 3 mile hike together. 

A good friend of mine that I have known since high school was here visiting as well, so there were 16 of us all together on that hike.  Our 4 year old grandson Noah bringing up the rear.  I'm so proud of all of the little ones for being able to complete the not so easy hike around Jordan Pond with us. 

During their week long visit we only had a couple overcast days, but that didn't stop the little ones from wanting to go swimming at this local lake known as Flanders Pond.  The water was cold and the air was only about 60 degrees that day, but another beautiful memory was made. 

Our oldest daughter and their Yorkie, Emma in Bar Harbor where we all went to go shopping and eat ice cream. 

More hiking together on Ship Harbor Trail in Acadia.  Little Emerson Rose had the best seat in the house on the trails. 

And right across from the summer house rental was another great seat. 

Our oldest daughter Jen out collecting buttercups for the summer house on the first day they arrived. 

Our son-in-law Danny Mac finds some perfectly frosted sea glass on the shore. 

Our son-in-law Joey taking a boat ride with our grandson "Captain" Noah. 

Our grandson Michael found a metal toy tank while out hunting for sea glass. 

Our grand daughter Taylor found one of the best pieces of sea glass I have ever seen here in Sorrento.  It's purple with an impressed pattern.  And check out that pretty piece of blue and white china she found too.  The 7up piece in the photo above was also one of her finds. 

Tonight Sorrento is just not the same here without them all. 

It's always so hard saying goodbye to them at the end of their stay and I can't even tell you how very lonely it is here tonight without them. 


Country Girl said...

Oh, how wonderful! So that's what you've been up to. You have such a beautiful family ~ and so many of them. Such fun! But yes, so quiet now that they've gone. But so wonderful that they were all able to stay right by you in Sorrento!

regan said...

What a beautiful family you have! And some very nice pics to remember the fabulous time you had with them! Perfect!

Low Tide High Style said...

Lili I know how much you have been looking forward to having everyone all together, and I know how sad you must be to have bid them farewell! What a beautiful family you all have, and how lucky you are to have had this time with them!

Kat :)

jojo said...

what an absolutely beautiful family you have and how very wonderful they could all visit at the same time. I know a little piece of your heart went with them when they left for home...;j

Piecefulafternoon said...

What wonderful memories - I'm sorry you are so lonely tonight.

SprinkleBakes said...

You have such a gorgeous family! I know you were so sad to see them go.

Anonymous said...

How nice to all be together for a few days. And how gorgeous everyone is too!

I've always wanted to hunt for sea glass...


Teri said...

Your family is lovely, such beautiful expressions and happy eyes!

The sea glass is fantastic! Do tell me she's going to make a necklace from the 7-Up piece... that is just too cool. Actually I love it all.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

What an awesome time you had! And you have such a huge and beautiful family, may I say!!!

Kelly said...

It sounds like you all had a wonderful time. Laughter makes the home complete. Beautiful pictures.

Carmie of the Single Nester said...

What really great photos! You have a lovely family!

spindrift,me said...

You have such beautiful daughters, Lili. And their kids (and husbands, too) are so handsome. You must have had an awesome time. Enjoy your memories. Glad you have the photos to conjure them up! Lyle Lovett lyric: "it's not the leaving that I mind, it's the coming that I crave." I feel that way too when they all go back home.

jennyfreckles said...

Thanks so much for sharing these lovely photos of your family. They look so healthy and happy - and how great to be all together. Mine live a distance away too. Perhaps if we saw them more often, we'd start to take them for granted but I know from experience how hard the parting can be.

hometown girl said...

Lilli your family is just beautiful! All those darling grandchildren, how fun! I can totally understand the quiet must be hard after such a wonderful week! xo Susan

Lee said...

What a lovely family you have! It looked like a great day.

Julie said...

Oh was so neat to see your extended family...they are all beautiful and what an AWESOME bunch of cherubs you have to fly around your house when all those kids land...oh blessed I am happy for you, but sad that you are missing them... GOOD GOOD memories to keep your heart warm...
Hugs to you...wondered what you were up to! :-) xo

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Those photographs of your beloveds are precious, beautiful, and unforgettable. Yes, you must have an ache in your heart right now, but THINK OF THE MEMORIES you're giving all of them. They will always love Maine and their shared times with you.

It felt so good to experience this with you Lili dear.

A big, comfortable hug for you,

Sharon (I'll be HOME in three weeks!)

missing moments said...

What a wonderful time with your family! Love finding sea glass! New follower and look forward to more!

seanymph said...

I know that lonely feeling. It was only my grand daughter who came up to visit me by train. But she loved it here so much and we did so much together. And when she left, it was too quiet. It will take a few days to fall back into your routine. Im still waiting for all of mine to come up here. You were so lucky. :)

Privet and Holly said...

As a girl who
lives far from
her own parents,
I know that feeling
all too well....As
do they, when we
visit Washington and
then leave, taking all
of our noise and wet
bathing suits and need
for extra milk with us!
What extraordinary memories
that you all made. What
a darling family. You
are truly blessed, Lili!
xx Suzanne

vicki said...

Oh Lili - your family is so beautiful - what a special time you must have had with them all together. These pictures are wonderful - those grandchildren are just precious. You have made some wonderful memories and shown them here in such a beautiful way~~


Thistle Cove Farm said...

What a beautiful family; you are blessed indeed!

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Hi Lili (remember me?) ;-)
Been such a long time since I've stopped by. I am so happy you could all spend time together and have so many pictures to remember all the special moments. It looks like everyone was having lots of fun and really enjoying the visit.
I did see you sold Fearless...I'm sorry to hear the news. I did enjoy watching your video as it was lovely. Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Rebecca

~ Lisa ~ said...

Lovely pictures, thanks for letting us meet your family. Beautiful ♥

~ Lisa ~

Kerri said...

I hopped over from Kate's blog.
What a beautiful family you have!!