Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Midwest Treasures

This is Grace out for a walk with Emma

Grace looks so much like her mommy.

She has a very beautiful room.

Her mommy is very talented, just look how she painted Grace's wall.

This is Ava. She has tea parties in her room and loves her purple bunny.

Mommy painted Ava's wall too!

The birdies are painted on the wall next to Ava's bed.

Ava loves to hang out with Grandpa Henri.

And here is Noah hanging out with his mommy.

And waiting for daddy to take him for a ride on the Gator.

Noah's room reminds mommy and daddy of where they were married in Maine.

Emma has never been to Maine....yet.

We think she looks ready for a road trip.


Queenie said...

Oh such a lovely family! Happy Easter to you all.

Mickey Johnson said... the girl's rooms, the sweet pastel colors of pink and green. i have two boys so not much pink around here:) the yorkie is too cute! love seeing it sitting so perky in the pram. blessings, mickey