Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter With the Whole Crew

Easter Day arrives with even more of our family to celebrate!

Presenting some of our favorite budding artists.
This is Michael, our oldest grandson. He arrived last night with his sister Alivia.

Alivia is serious about her art.

And you remember Grace.

And Ava.

They begin with a blank canvas...lots of eggs...cups of dye...and sparkles for effect.

And this is their art!

Later, the Hunt begins . .

And here's what they found!

Happy Easter From the Whole Crew!

And what's Easter without a bunny!

Abedia, Abedia, That's All Folks!


Onedia said...

Great photos and looks like lots of fun with Easter eggs.

Mickey Johnson said...

...what gorgeous kiddos! love the eggs and the sweet bunny. looks like you had a wonderful easter! xo, mickey