Sunday, August 4, 2013

July Into August

These gorgeous summer days are truly the time to savor life here in Maine.

The light and reflections in the water were meant to be photographed.  So here I am again with another post so soon after my long absence.

The last of the rosa rugosa blooms continue to hold my fascination.

 Along with any movement in the water.

It is both exciting and all at once equally peaceful and serene here too.

And just for your amusement, a sweet pup anticipating the thrill of a ride across the bay.  

A "Sorrento" take on what is typically known as the dog days of summer.  


Country Girl said...

It's the Sorrento Days of Summer. Makes me long for Maine ~

Low Tide High Style said...

Beautiful, and my favorite breed of dog. Before I had herders, I had 3 GSDs...all wonderful dogs.

xo Kat

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh summer - so lovely in Maine. The photos are outstanding, make me feel like I'm right there.

Daryl said...

i am definitely getting up there next summer ... its a priority!

Rain said...

Beautiful Lili....... And I never knew Sorenti was so close to Ellsworth- after next week riding on Thomas the train in Boothbay- I'm penciling u in!!
Photos are so real- feel I'm there!!
Fondly, Rain

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Absolutely beautiful Lili . . . I'm dreaming again of paradise. You are truly blessed to live there :O) Good to have you back in blogland. xo

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Ahh sweet, sweet Lili, so happy to see you return and visit with us all. Lovely photos. You get better and better (If that is possible).

Thanks so much for stopping by. The last vestiges of the shingles are finally exiting my tired body. What a hit it gives you. Everything on fire. But it is behind me (almost) now.

Lili, I am just finishing my book, but would love it if you and Henri, Jeff and I could meet later on. Possible?