Monday, January 7, 2013


In between soaring, we sometimes catch our neighborhood eagle just hanging out on a branch.  

It's almost like I know when he will be there.  It seems to always happen on a day when I almost leave home without my camera.  But then I think better of it.

Today while enjoying a quiet photo session with my majestic subject, I saw him strike a few poses that I had never seen him do before.  

It was so quiet sitting there watching him, and I noticed how the wind tousled his feathers and scattered a mist of snow from the branches.

And for some reason I focused on studying his plumage, wondering why I had never noticed the white tail feathers before.  

But the one thing that took me by surprise was his reaction to a flock of gulls that were flying over.

His unusual pose made me laugh.

He rolled and twisted his head and then looked straight up in the air.

A behavior I had seen many times before from my parrot.

All at once, I recognized the subtle language he was speaking.  This wild bird of prey.  And it was an amazing moment for someone who almost left home without her camera.  


Country Girl said...

In. Awe.

Oh, my.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...


Barb said...


regan said...

That was incredible, Lili! Thank you!

Low Tide High Style said...

Gorgeous shots Lili!!! Our resident eagle was within shooting (camera that is) range the other day, but I spooked him or her and off they flew...sigh! These pics are stunning!!!

xo Kat

Daryl E said...

SO glad you didnt ... what a handsome guy he is

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear Lili
What awesome pictures these are... your eagle must have been perched quite low enough for you to catch those details of the plumage, the white tail feathers, the soft downy chest feathers as seen from the side... oh... what amazing beauty. God our Father said that He carries us on eagles' wings...

I have not been visiting blogs these past weeks, but today I am so glad I did drop by your place.

Happy new year, my friend.


spindrift,maine said...

Great photos, Lili! Don't you love those quiet, magic moments? I am glad you had a reminder of your parrot. Maybe the eagle was a messenger, saying he's OK. ;o)

Sharon Lovejoy said...

WOWOWOW Lili, Fantastic photographs. DON'T leave home without your camera, EVER.

Hey, the beer bread IS wonderful, but when I cut into the one baked in the terra cotta pot, the center wasn't baked through. I don't know why, but the one in the regular 5X9 loaf pan was perfect.

It is a WINNER to do this and have it baking when guests arrive. It is SO GREAT warm.

Lili, I will return to your lovely eagle photos often.

Hugs to you and Henri,


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Lili, You are a total natural with that camera. These pics are amazing. He's got sort of a handsome look to him . . LOL! Stay warm kiddo xo

vicki said...

Lili- these photos are amazing! I've never seen such beautiful photos of an eagle! Don't ever go out without your camera-- you live in an amazing place so full of beauty!

Kelly said...

I love the poses. He is a beauty and your detail of the feathers was amazing. I'm so glad he is at your home and not mine. My chickens would be too tasty to resist. Much Love

Lee said...

I miss Maine! I miss the snow! It is not as cold here, and been warm these past few days = MUD. Ick. I hope you are well. I am working, kids are in school, Chris is working too. Hoping to buy a house this year. hugs

Robin Larkspur said...

Lili, what fabulous photographs of this magnificent bird. How lucky you are to see him(her?) right there, to be able to observe and to photograph. What a gift!

Privet and Holly said...

I never have my
camera when our
eagles come out
to soar; I am amazed
at these shots, Lili!

You do wonder what
they are thinking.....

Happy Sunday, sweet

xo Suzanne