Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December in Maine

As this Christmas Day comes to a close I realize how very blessed we are to be surrounded by so much beauty, and wanted to share some pictures I have taken during our walks this month.    

Just a short post to let you know I'm still around even though my posts are few and far in between.  I hope this day finds you feeling well loved and nurtured.  Sending out Merry Christmas Wishes to you from our little corner of the world.


Robin Larkspur said...

Amazing place to live. Envy raises its ugly head!! LOL!
So glad to see a post from you; I very much miss not seeing updates on everything!
Merry Christmas, Lili, and here's a big hug!! Robin.

Country Girl said...

Hello, Lili! What a nice surprise seeing your post come up. Merry Christmas to you and Henri coming all the way from Maryland. Mwah!

vicki said...

Merry Christmas girlfriend! You truly are blessed -- I think you live in such an amazing place - so full of beauty in every season. The photos are stunning -- as always. I'm sending you Holidays wishes and hugs --

Looking so forward to seeing more of what you "see" through your camera -- in the days to come.


regan said...

Hoping you had a wonderful Christmas and have a very happy and safe New Year!

And thanks for the pictures of the coast....they're lovely. I was going to go out today after the snowfall and take some.....but relaxing got in the way! lol Maybe tomorrow!

Terra said...

What beautiful photos. I especially like the one that looks like fishing buoys.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Wonderful winter scenes - that area is beautiful. Glad to see you here!!

Rain said...

A joyous Noel' Lili ! Great seeing u here! Peace to you and Henri this coming year! We need to think snow here!! Thursdays looking good for some!! Haha! Fondly, Rain

Daryl E said...

gorgeous .. some day

jennyfreckles said...

I'm a bit late but happy Christmas Lili, to you and Henri.

Crown of Beauty said...

Beautiful pictures, as always!

Glad to have a glimpse of Maine. Hopefully, on my next visit to the US, I will have a chance to meet you.

May your year end with abundant blessings of peace and joy.

Much love

Sharon Lovejoy said...


I've missed you so much and hope that you and your big hunkalicious Henri is doing well too.

Sending love, love, love, and wishes for a joyous new year.

I miss Maine!!!!!



Teri said...

A belated Joyful Christmas Lili and Henri!!

Kelly said...

Glad you posted and georgous pics. Hope all is well. Much Love.