Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sewing By The Sea

I borrowed the title of this post from a nearby fabric shop that I recently became fascinated with after  I  came across an article written about this shop.  The article explains that it is run by the wives of some local fishermen.  In all the times we have driven by this shop I have never once stopped in, until this past Monday.  Turns out it is closed on Mondays.  But until I can make it there, I have built it up in my mind of what I may find inside.  Whenever I come across unusual sea-inspired fabric I'm like a kid in a candy store. 

I  have this romantic image of old steamer trunks filled with exotic fabrics carried by ancient seafaring vessels.  And of course there would be containers of exotic teas inside too.  I just love how these two fabrics look together, but I have yet to decide what to make with them.  Any ideas for me?   Keep in mind my skills are basic though.   

Several years ago I found a single linen napkin with an embroidered blue lobster that I kept even though it was badly stained thinking I would eventually think of something to do with it.  The other day I happened to  remember my blue lobster and decided it would go nicely on my new white hoodie.

After tacking it down with a few hand stitches to hold it in place, I headed to my sewing machine.  The fanciest stitch I ever do is a zigzag and I found out it needed several passes around to cover up my hand stitches.   It's not perfect, but I like it and most people would not ever get a look of it this close up anyway.  But here it is. 

Since I was on a roll, I remembered another fabric I had in my stash that I thought would make a nice strap cover for my camera.  Mind you, I have never made a camera strap cover before, but after looking at a few samples on-line I realized they were much narrower than than 5 inch width that would show all the pattern repeats of my fabric.  Below is the width I originally wanted, but it was way too wide for my camera. 

I ended up making it with a 2" width with the pattern wrapping around the strap.  Here it is on my camera.  I like it and it probably won't show all the grime from the elements that I constantly seem to drag my camera through everyday. 

But before I go I wanted to show you what a difference just one day of rain made here recently.  This is a scene from our harbor just before it began to rain the other day. 

The next day during our walk we saw all this ice!  The ice was from the more shallow coves and the rain caused it to break up and flow out of the coves. 

We didn't see any evidence of it left today, but I'm sure it was a challenge for the fisherman to get out to their boats when it first showed up!  Or, even for trunks of exotic fabric to make it safely into our harbor.  Sure glad it's gone!


Country Girl said...

Wow. That's a lot of ice. I love fabric, too so I hope you get into that store soon. Like that it's owned by the wives of local fishermen.

Polly said...

What a wonderful way to recycle that little blue lobster so he's never forgotten again! LOVE that!! Can't wait to hear more about the fabric store!

Hope you are having a good week!


Anonymous said...

I really like your lobster! Perfect or not, I'll bet it looks pretty perfect on your hoodie!


Julie said...

LOVE the lobster addition. LOVELY! And you know I LOVE LOVE blue and white combinations...The fabric combinations are delightful. I can't wait to see what you will do with them. Do you have some pillows that need covers??? Love the camera strap cover too. You are a multi-talented woman.
I am amazed that rain broke up that much ice...What a never ending display of nature you have year round there in Maine. So glad I found your blog to get to witness so many sights Lili....Hugs to you. Thank you for all of your warm and wonderfully encouraging comments!!!!!!

Diane said...

I know Sewing by the Sea but have never been in there either. I just love the blue and white fabrics. They always look so fresh and crisp. And I'm madly in love with the spouting whales and mermaids.

Your blue lobster reminds me of my restaurant china collection (which is still back there in storage)with the lobster and seaside logos.

Keep those posts and pix coming.


hometown girl said...

how fun your fabrics are! you could do some easy basic pillows? love your little lobster so cute and perfect for you! hope all is well! oddly enough i listed a nautical vintage fabric today! xo susan

Piecefulafternoon said...

Oh aren't you so glad you saved that nice blue lobster?

The fabric shop sounds wonderful.

When I am in doubt as to what to make - I usually make a market tote. They are simple and ever so useful. So far I've not run out of bags while shopping - but I've come close - so I will continue to make them until I find myself over run with them. And they are a nice way to show off some pretty fabric.

Rachel Lynn said...

I love that fabric! I think it would make beautiful pillows! Nice and easy to make, especially with a little flap on the back to take it off to wash.

Low Tide High Style said...

Lili I have a thing for nautically inspired fabric too! I love your new camera strap and the way you sewed the little blue lobster to your hoodie. I can't wait until you make it back to the fabric shop when it's open!

Kat :)

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

The blue ship fabric is awesome..., I can totally see how it conjures images of ancient seafaring vessels. It could really be anything..., from a tablecloth/runner to pillows, maybe even a valance? The lobster is super cute! Good..., all the ice is gone!!!! Happy Weekend.

Privet and Holly said...

So MANY possibilites
with that gorgeous
fabric, Lili!! I love
your exotic sea-faring
fantasies....I'm right
there, with 'ya : ) If
I have a stroke of brilliance
about what to do with the
fabric, I'll pop back in.
Until then....Enjoy your
xx Suzanne

Shellbelle said...

Oh my goodness, I wanted to comment about all that fabulous fabric and then I came to the photo of the ice!

WOW, that is incredible, what a sight to see. I've often seen photos with snow on the beach up north, but I've never experienced it. That is on my sand bucket list and now so is ice!

That fabric on your camera strap is beautiful!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hi dear Lili,

First of all, you MUST visit Alewives Fabric in Damariscotta Mills, Maine. It is on the Great Salt Bay. Come down and we'll go over there and check out all their fabric, quilts, etc.

Secondly, you're now entered in the give-away for From Seed to Skillet, but you should write something in my posting next week, which will be a new one. We're going to do the drawing AFTER about 10 days.

Thanks for your words dear,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island (my dear pal in Maine has a blue lobster logo on her home, it is called Blue Shaboo and Country Home magazine did a huge article on it about 10 years ago. I MISS that magazine, but I hear it is coming back as a special interest publication by BH & G. Yippee!

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hello Lili, What a cute idea with the lobster . . definitely fits you. The blue and white fabric that you love would sure make a pretty runner or even a table cloth. Nothing like discovering a new fabric shop . . have a fun adventure in there. Blessings, Sandy:O)

spindrift,me said...

...and then there is also On Board Fabrics on the road to Boothbay Harbor, in Edgecomb. Amazing fabric, and they have a website, too! Happy sewing!

Elenka said...

It's so wonderful that the snow is melting and the ice is dissipating. And now the clocks have changed...were getting there!

Kelly said...

I love the fabric and let us know if the fabric shop meets your expectations. While I was at work yesterday I noticed that the Penobscot River by EMMC was clear and running. Beautiful scenery.

Debbie said...

How nice to find another Mainer!! I am so excited that you came by Blueberry Plains....thanks for popping in. I love Elenka...isn't she great? I am so impressed by your blog and right off the bat I see a blue lobster...felt right at home! It looks like you are much closer to the ocean than I am...lucky you. I have added you to my favorite blogs and I will be back. Nice to meet you...looking forward to seeing more. Love the fabric you showcased and your camera strap is gorgeous too.

jennyfreckles said...

The ice looks like you live in the Arctic! Stay in and sew - those are gorgeous fabrics.

Lee said...

wow- the ice is cool and kinda scary. Love your fabrics!

seanymph said...

OH I love the fabrics you have! I would make a reversible pillow with the top two. One side would be for winer and the other side for spring or summer. And what a great use of that pretty lobster. Good idea. And I want some of that fabric you used on your camera strap. I never see stuff like that but Im always looking for mermaid fabrics. I want to create an art quilt using them and beads and shells and things.

I love the photos you take. Funny how we both live on a coast and yet the pics are so different.

Desperate Housewife said...

Oh my God, what incredible fabric! You need to start quilting!

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

I so love your images Lili...what a calming and relaxing visit while I am here.
I am a fabric hoarder....with grand projects to complete one day. Though I am not sure's all so lovely. Thanks for sharing the link share when you make your return visit!

vicki said...

Ohh that ice looks lovely (and cold!) But it made for a fabulous photo!

Love the fabrics and that lobster accent is PERFECT for your hoodie - what a great idea - I am inspired to do that now!!

The camera strap is so creative - and I adore the fabric. Cant wait to see photos of the shop when you DO get to visit~~