Monday, January 24, 2011

A Painfully Beautiful Time of Year

This little birdie doesn't seem to mind the blizzardly conditions our Winter has bestowed upon us this year. 

Within this clump of clinging white outside our window the birds gather to wait their turn at the feeders. 

No church services until July at Sorrento's Church of the Redeemer.  Pity, as most of the summer parishioners may never know what they have missed out on during the winter months. 

We may as well let them believe that winter here is just grey and gloomy.  And that the sun never shines. 

And the only thing the moon shines down on is a frozen tundra in the middle of winter. 

Never to be seen peering above blue skies near dusk. 

Impatiently awaiting its turn after sundown. 

If you finally tire of winter, inside a reprieve, tucked here and there can help tide you over. 

Courtesy of someone who had the forethought to plan for times such as these. 

Even if it is just more white. 

If someone in your household feels the need to make a statement about the conditions this time of year. 

I always find it best to just humor them and snap a picture.  And be thankful that at least he hasn't lost his sense of humor.


Country Girl said...

Now, that's something you don't often see: trees with the snow clinging to the sides. Wow, Lili. These photos are wonderful.

Julie said...

FANTABULOUS Pictures Lili...I showed them to Jonny. He said you had a darn good camera and were a darn good photographer. Enjoyed the views here. Maine is lovely, even though I shiver looking...!!

Low Tide High Style said...

Lili, your photos are amazing and capture the beauty of Maine during the winter months. I'm happy it's you and not me braving all of that snow though!

Kat :)

Jeannie of Atlantic Beachlife said...

Very gorgeous, very. Tell me, do you get a lot of sunshine during the winter months? It's always the gray days that get me down, not so much the snow or cold temps. Where I lived in Michigan it was known for having lots of cloudy weather which just wore on me.

Your photos are stunning and your landscape is breathtaking. It's not beautiful like that here. In fact... not so much at all; my love is the coast of course, the weather, the vibe of living in a warm climate in a coastal community. But I do miss northern winters when I see your photos! Your camera is a wonderful performer. I also shoot Canon.

Thanks for sticking with me, Lili. It's nice to know that now two people read my blog: you, and my dad. :-)

SprinkleBakes said...

Beautiful, beautiful! That last pic cracks me up...very cute. :)

hometown girl said...

i love that sign, too funny! i could use one of those here too! you photos are just stunning! my paperwhites are due to come over the fridge in two weeks can't wait to see their blooms! have a wonderful day! susan

Carol @ A Bird in Hand said...

It is amazing those little birds don't freeze. What a beautiful picture. All of them really....just beautiful!

Fabulously french said...

Your photos are stunning Lili! I adore all of them :-)

A tres bientot,

Leeann x

Privet and Holly said...

Hi Lili!
First, Happy, happy
to Simon! Imagine,
a pet who is 38 : )
He doesn't look a
day over 29! LOVE
your photos ~ You
could be teaching a
class and I would be
a very eager pupil.
Your house looks so
cozy and inviting.
Wish I could stop in
for a glass of vino!
xx Suzanne

Elenka said...

more snow Wednesday night into Thursday around Portland. At first I thought we were going to miss the storm, but I just watched the weather channel, and they said 5 to 8 inches!
We've had 4 snow days alread! (One was that rain day, remember?)
I've had enough. Your pictures are purdy, tho!

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Beautiful pics Lili! I am loving that "Free snow" sign, it's priceless :-)
Thank you for your visit and wishes....We will be missing the storm coming up the coast. I have been wanting more snow since it is always warmer when we get it ~ It's much better than the cold we have been having. Hopin you don't get hit too badly with it.
Take care ~ Rebecca

julie - eab designs said...

Such beautiful and captivating photos! Here in Northern VA we have actually been just on the edge of all the storms thus far so we haven't had any accumulations. This evening looks to be our first chance, so I'm hoping lots of snow is on the way.

fialka012 said...

Krásné fotky...

Neil and Susan said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the "free snow" sign. Of course around here it would say "free rain". Such lovely photos as usual!

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Lili, That second pic is fab . . stay warm, it looks so cold out your way but so beautiful too. Keep enjoying that fairytale life . . lots of blessings, Sandy:O) xox

Polly said...

Tee hee! That is a cute! Great sense of humor....gotta laugh when there's just too much snow!!

Gorgeous photos Lili! As always!! I love continuing my love affair with Maine long distance through your lens!

Happy weekend friend!



seanymph said...

Are you tired of winter yet? While you had inches of snow, we have had inches of rain. And in the middle of all this we have a water emergency! You see we have had so much rain, way more than what is normal that the water main is slowly slipping down the hill. They have asked the Governor to declare it a disaster area to get help to fix it. I think Im lucky to be just outside that water area but Im not sure. And so to perk us both up I leave you with a nice quote to help us get thru. I found it the other day and just love it.

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.

Albert Camus

jennyfreckles said...

Good to see that people still have a sense of humour. Your photos are beautiful but it must make life pretty difficult having that much of the white stuff.

vicki said...

Lili - your photos truly take my breath away. As much as I do not like winter (actualy I just do not like driving to work in the winter!) - I would love to actually be there to see the beautiful scenery that you photograph so beautifully.

You create scuh a sense of longing in the photos that you create~~