Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter Whites

Today's weather reached a high of 40 degrees and this is what's left of the snow that blanketed our area a few days ago. 

Although right in the midst of clearing the first round, I'm not sure Henri was really enjoying himself.  

But today during our walk,  see,  the snow is almost all gone!

The day after the storm, sunny blue skies.

And everywhere you looked, a beautiful blanket of snow.   

This time of year, we have a habit of ending the day with a hot cup of cocoa. 

So tonight I just got through whirring up a little white fluff with my favorite kitchen machine. 

Home made marshmallows.   Here's the recipe.  They are so easy to make too.  Ready in a couple hours. 

Just in time for our New Year's Eve cup of cocoa tomorrow night.  And truth be known, that's as wild as we ever get on New Year's Eve.  I hope you enjoy yours too! 


Country Girl said...

I don't like getting too wild on New Year's Eve. Who wants to wake up with anything more than a chocolate hangover, I ask you?
Those trees covered in snow with that beautiful sky is just magnificent!

Low Tide High Style said...

Lili, hot cocoa on New Year's Eve sounds like the perfect way to end the year! Your photos are beautiful and oh my, that picture of the snow covered trees is breathtaking!

Happy New Year!

Kat :)

Julie said...


Your photos are beautiful, but oh my, that pic of Henry sealed the deal. You can have all that Northeastern Winter snow....The 6 inches we just got was plenty for me. I love to watch it fall, but all the melting and messiness and red clay paw prints everywhere...once or twice a winter is ENOUGH for this Southern girl. The marshmallows look like divinity. Guess they sort of are! :-) What a peaceful and yummy way to end the year and start a new one. Hugs to you! I love the photo of you! So cute! :-)

Piecefulafternoon said...

Oh wonderful photos - and the hot chocolate - perfect way to end the old and begin the new year. You look so happy!!! I'm sure Henri is happier now that the snow is not coming down so thickly.

Kelly said...

I love your wild New Year's Eve. Those marshmallows look wonderful. The coast is so beautiful with the addition of snow. I love it.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Lilli,

Life is treating you good . . how blessed you and Henri are to be together in such a beautiful place to live. Homemade marshmallows . . oh my, they look delicious especially with a cup of cocoa. Stay warm and have a Happy New Year! Love, Sandy:O)

vicki said...

Hi Lili - I am happy that youare getting a little break in the snow - us too - a welcome change. Love the snowy photos - and dear Henri looks intent in that snow picture! I also enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate last night with home made marshmallows (although I did not make mine!) There is nothing like it - so I am going to try your recipe and see how that goes!

Blessings for this New Year my friend. May it bring you and Henri all that your heart desires. I am looking forward to another wonderful year of your photos and stories -


Lisa T. said...

Well now I just think I have to make those for tonight. We're playing Pictionary and eating take out pizza. I KNOW---slow down-save some of the excitement for the new year...

Smiles and best wishes for an amazing 2011!


hometown girl said...

oh lili my children would love them! i think i'll whip up a batch this weekend although it was nearly 50 here today! happy new year, thank you for being such a sweet friend! happy new year! hugs, susan

Neil and Susan said...

Happy New Year Lili!! You and Henri have the sweet life. :)

Anonymous said...

May 2011 be as sweet as your home made marshmallows. Reading your blog is always a highlight for me.

I miss the snow but not the hauling of everything to my house on a tobaggan. Your beautiful photos make me homesick.

Queenie said...

Happy New Year, you fearless woman! Thanks for being patient while I found my way back to blog-world. I'll be visiting your page daily again for those amazing photos and your extraordinary creativity!

Rachel Lynn said...

We went out of town for New Year's and when we came back, all our snow was gone! :(

We stayed up way past our bedtime New Year's Eve. Next year, I think I'm going with the hot chocolate.