Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Simply Stated

Look what I won from a giveaway Rebecca had over at Simply Stated. This gorgeous pair of pineapple finials! Rebecca runs an antique shop in Campbell, New York, is an amazing photographer, AND she makes cakes too! It's no wonder I always enjoy my visits over there.

Here's a close up to show the richness of color on these beauties.   Thank you so much Rebecca, they are simply beautiful! 

Speaking of color, here's my most recent painting I did in my Adult Finger Painting class.  

I call it "Chinese Lantern Plant In Vase".  At least that is what it was SUPPOSED to be anyway!   


SprinkleBakes said...

Your painting is so beautiful. I love artists. :)

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Lili, Your finger painting is amazing . . I think you are a real artist, doesn't really suprise me, there's definitely an "artistic" side to you with all your beautiful creations you have made. Are you going to be selling any of your paintings . . Sandy:O)

Privet and Holly said...

Congrats, it's always
fun to win, especially
something this lovely!
Speaking of which, your
painting is amazing! A
ballerina who can dance.
You are a renaissance
woman after my own heart!
xx Suzanne

Teri said...

Fabulous painting. I bet it's so fun to do those!!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Lucky you - wonderful finials.

And great painting - you've really got the look down for Chinese Lanterns - that is what I thought when I first saw the painting.

Fabulously french said...

Love the painting that you created and the finials are gorgeous.

A tres bientot,

Leeann x

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Good morning Lili! So happy you won and I am loving your painting ~ it's fabulous!

Polly said...

Congrats on your win Lili!! They are beautiful!

Your painting is amazing! Such talent!! {jaw on floor}

Happy day to you!!


Low Tide High Style said...

Lili, those finials are beautiful, congratulations on the win!

And oh my, that painting is gorgeous!!! Is there anything you can't do girl?! You have such an artistic gift, really, I'm jealous!

Thank you for your wonderfully kind words and unwavering support...xoxo

Kat :)

Julie said...

Fantastic Art, Lili!!! You truly are gifted and I know you must get joy and a feeling of accomplishment when you finish that last stroke. Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of your talents. I enjoy getting to see what you are doing, not only your gorgeous photos, but your unique treasures. What a lovely WIN! Yay for you. I know you are tickled.
Have a wonderful day up there, and Stay Warm???!!!!!

Lisa T. said...

Wow on your painting, that's amazing!


jennyfreckles said...

Your painting looks pretty good to me, wonderful rich colours - and I love the way you've photographed it too.

Anonymous said...

The finials are WONDERFUL! Congratulations on the win!


vicki said...

Love the painting Lili - you have the knack for finger fainting - that sounds like such a fun class! I could really get into that!

Your pineapple treasures really are lovely - what a wonderful prize!


hometown girl said...

lucky you! how wonderful! your painting is fantastic! finger painting? how cool! xo susan

Diane said...

I love Chinese lantern plants. And I love your interpretation. Who ever thought it was possible to make such beautiful paintings with finger paint. your talent amazes me.

Heidi said...

I came across your blog and I am amazed at your pics, they are very beautiful. I love your blog!

Heidi said...

Hi Lili, Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely words. Looking forward to future posts on your blog. Have a great weekend in Maine!