Sunday, October 10, 2010

Acting Artsy

On Saturday we attended an artist's reception at the Gallery Grand in Ellsworth. 

Here are a couple shots of downtown Ellsworth looking out from the gallery. 

The reception was for our dear friend Helen Douglas, a sampling of whose work I have shown below. 

Guess who Helen invited to join her in this rotating artists' gallery until mid-November?

  I can't even begin to tell you how honored, flattered and excited we are to have this opportunity to join Helen.   So come on inside and have a look around! 

Remember the driftwood tree I showed you in my last post?  It was for in here.   

I took these pictures throughout the week as we were getting everything set up.  

What a fun week we had getting everything all ready to open. 

It's just feels so good in here with all this glorious color. 

We're still pinching ourselves to have been given this opportunity.

And simply savoring every minute of it too! 


Low Tide High Style said...

Oh Lili, I'm so excited for you and Henri!! What a lovely gallery and how great to be able to share your lovely pottery with so many people! Bask in that glory my dear!

Kat :)

Lisa T. said...

The displays look so bright and happy. Love it and congratulations that is so very exciting!


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Oh Lili, So happy for you and Henri. Your tree looks amazing and the pottery is beautiful . . pretty fancy stuff. Looks wonderful in a gallery . . I feel something real positive is going to come out of this. I'm sure you've heard the saying "Good things happen to good people" Lots of happy, Sandy:O)

Carol Bass @ A Bird in Hand said...

Lili!! It's all so gorgeous. Your pieces are the perfect complement to the art. Truly!! Love the change of texture the driftwood gives to the pottery. Please be sure to share more of this experience.

~ Lisa ~ said...

Congratulations Lili, how awesome to be able to participate in an art show.

My husband and I have decided to take a trip to Maine after viewing my inlaws photos from their recent trip. We are not sure exactly when just yet, we have to figure out the best time of year... but seeing your photos makes me want to go visit NOW.

Thank you for sharing.

~ Lisa from Indiana ~

Piecefulafternoon said...

What a grand experience. It all looks fabulous. The driftwood and pottery really make an outstanding display. Congratulations!!!!!

hometown girl said...

congratulations! that is a wonderful opportunity! your pottery is beautiful! i'm so happy for you!! susan

Lee said...

Everything looks just gorgeous!! I love the tree and she shells. The paintings are so stunning- makes me wish I could paint with something other than a roller!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

OMG, Lili, what a wonderful exhibition! And your table displays are just fantastic. You used your own (shell embellished) table, didn't you! Even included the driftwood tree. Congrats!!!

Teri said...

Absolutely beautiful!! I so admire your pottery. The bowl up on its edge really catches my eye.

Barry said...

Lili, you aren't just ACTING artsy, you're BEING artsy. Wonderful! We are so proud of you!

Rachel Lynn said...

So Exciting Lili! Congrats!

jennyfreckles said...

How exciting. Your raku makes a lovely display - I'd buy a piece. The gallery looks really stylish. I like the colourful paintings too.

Privet and Holly said...

Lili and Henri!
Wow, your works
sure compliment
each other. Very
cheerful and very
Maine! Hope you
sell a ton : ) !
xx Suzanne
PS: Are all of the
little towns in
Maine this cute?!

Country Girl said...

Oh, how exciting this is. What a gorgeous little spot you created. Love the displays.
Go you!

Jen said...

Its all so beautiful!
Love the pottery ..and that tree!

Diane said...

Congratulations on your show at the Gallery Grand. Everything looks just beautiful. Wish I was there to see it in person.

Maurie Kirschner said...

How wonderful! The gallery space looks awesome! That driftwood tree will be oohed and ahhed over as well, I'm sure!

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

wonderful and beautifully displayed. i wish i lived close by...i would have enjoyed taking in all the sights and grabbing a quick hug! still loving my pottey by the way!! xoxo

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

You TOTALLY deserve to be featured, your creations are just stunning! Yay, I'm so proud of you! :-)