Monday, August 2, 2010

A Night Spent At Kamp

Our Kamp is a revamped RV tucked into nearly 4 acres of woods at the end of a lake, in a quiet cove filled with lots of wildlife. Here's a shot of Simon stretching out and enjoying his private view of the woods here yesterday.

Last night's campfire.

Daylight in the woods.

That's Henri walking down the path that leads to the lake.

Last night's golden sunset.

Enjoyed from the quiet cove.

A natural wildlife habitat.

Pie half eaten or half a pie yet to eat? Either way, it was a whole pie when we first got here.

My latest Kamp project. An attempt to make a vintage-look yo-yo, something or other.

Kamp is a place where I may even get a glimpse of my secret, inner quilter side.


Low Tide High Style said...

Where do I sign up to go to Kamp?! Love the yo yo's and can't wait to see what your inner quilter creates!

Kat :)

Julie said...

Every one of us needs this. A place called "Kamp"...whatever and wherever, and however it may unveil itself to us in our neck of the woods... You are blessed to have this getaway, a place to create moments where you discover many secrets in your inner self. I think we have to get away to the quiet, the calm, the "natural" habitats of our world...the way God first made it, NOTHING manmade in it...all created and delivered by the Hand of Him...for us to enjoy and realize our purpose and why we are here. Am I getting carried away???? Ooops. your posts do this to me! :-) Loved visiting. It's truly a wonderful thought that passes thru my mind that one day Kurt and I will find our little cove down here to get away to the quiet and peaceful...alone (and a pet or two) and find our little secret delights hidden away inside, that come to the surface when the busy-ness of life is pushed back for a while... Hugs to you. Enjoyed the pictures as always...

Piecefulafternoon said...

A wonderful Kamp for sure. I grew up with a parrot - but he never traveled anywhere - had to have a parrot sitter when we were gone. The photos are amazing, such a tranquil spot.

I love the YoYos - can't wait to see what your inner quilter self comes up with.

Country Girl said...

I have a secret inner quilter side. Haven't seen her for years, though. Love those yo yo's! I want to go to Kamp, too!

Privet and Holly said...

Oh, I want to
go to Kamp, too!
Actually, my trip
home is kind of
like going to camp...
I'm going to have
Mom give me a refresher
on crocheting....All
of my bloggy friends
are rubbing off, i.e.
YOU and I'm itching
to create something.
Lili, your photos are
amazing. I've asked
Mom to pick up some
photography books for
me at their library;
I plan to delve into
them on our way to
the beach. I'll also
be trying new recipes
out on my family, so
it IS a little like
Kamp : ) Thanks for
sharing your sweet
xx Suzanne

ANGIE said...

beautiful. I wish I had a Kamp

MinnieRunner said...

Oh, cute bird! And what a reflection? Love it!

I have never been to camping. That's something I miss in my school days :(

vicki said...

Lili - how wonderful that you have a litttle getaway that is so special. You are so fortunate - you have a beautiful place to live and a special place to go to for an escape. If ever there were two people who enjoy their lives - it is you and Henri. Kudos to you both!

Sometimes you just need to escape - and for me that is usually going to our beach house - where we are headed next week (yea!!) Just being at your special place is the perfect opportunity to reflect and gather your thoughts - we all so need that!

Love the photo of Simon - he is so adorable!


vicki said...

PS - the little Yo-yo's are wonderful. Can't wait to see what you do with those!


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I'd love to sit by that fire!! This day (August 2nd) was our anniversary -13 years!

Ro Magnolia said...

Love these pictures - so incredibly serene. Especially love the picture of Simon stretching out his wings as if he's so happy to have such a lovely tree-filled view!