Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bon Voyage To Our Friends

Our friends Jeanne & John are about to embark on an exciting new adventure.

They are moving to Florida, and tonight was the only time we could all get together to celebrate their departure. They sold their house 2 weeks ago and the closing is this Tuesday!

So we decided to all meet up at a local restaurant to celebrate for one last time together before they head South.

We sure are going to miss them.

We first met them through our friends Danny and Diane.

So, after we ate we planned to head back to our place for dessert. Dessert that I decorated at the last minute with some flowers from my yard.

And some garnish from our flower boxes.

I warned everyone not to eat the flowers though.

The cake is lemon.

And I even had enough to make some cupcakes too.

A plastic palm tree container served as a vase to hold some more flowers from the yard.

John already seems to have that "just think, no more snow" look.

We will miss them, but we are tickled pink that everything has fallen right into place for them to begin their new adventure in Florida. Congratulations you two!


vicki said...

What a wonderful celebration for your special friends. I am sure they will miss you also. Your decorations were just lovely, the cake looked way yummy - and the sentiment was - well - priceless. You are a good friend Lili - glad that you are my friend also!


Privet and Holly said...

Look at all of your CUTE touches!!!
The little mermaid perched on the cake plate is just precious.
I'm sure the saddest thing for your friends is leaving good people like you and your hubby. Bittersweet, when we are happy for someone's dream coming true, but know that it means they have to leave us to achieve it. However, if you feel like taking a break from winter, you will have friends in Florida, which IS a nice little bonus!
xx Suzanne

Ro Magnolia said...

What a lovely cake! Actually everything looks lovely. Your attention to details reminds me of a friend of ours. Whenever we go over there, I feel just like royalty because she takes such exquisite care to make her table arrangement look divine. I'm sure your guests felt they had a "royal send-off" too!

Anonymous said...

this looks like a wonderful celebration and the decorations were beautiful. You are definitely a good friend.

Julie said...

OH...what a good friend you are (both of you!) What a very very special moment you created. it will be a great memory of their last few days up there. And I'm sure when they get tired of the HOT! they might just slip back up there, and have a place to stay to boot! And YOU guys can now have a place to stay if you venture down to Florida, or maybe they will come up to Charlotte area and meet you when you come down to visit family again!!
Hard to say goodbye...
Everything looked scrumtious and so beautiful with your color and flowered details.
You will be missed I know...
Thanks for sharing a heartwarming story! Hugs across the miles.
And yes....I am SURE he was thinking NO MORE snow...**My hubby from Michigan does miss the snow in the winter, but NOT the work to remove it.

Elenka said...

I often think that I might want to end up know like mid March......need I explain more?
Good luck to them.

Low Tide High Style said...

Lili, I'm sure you are sad to see your friends moving so far away, but the bon voyage get together looked wonderful!

And now you'll have a warm place to stay during a week or so when Maine is all cold and snowy!

Kat :)

Ann Flowers said...

Wow..this flower cupcakes look awesome. I have never seen anything like it.

hometown girl said...

lili how sweet of you! your table looks lovely and that urn, i love it! have a great week! susan

Maya said...

The pink flamingo is so appropriate for the occasion! And I'm a big fan of your baked goods..., such eye candy!

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...i am sure you are sad to see your dear friends go, but happy for them just the same. it seems they have followed your mantra and are fearlessly going to a new location to build a new nest...i can't wait until i become fearless the meantime, i would really like a slice of that beautiful lemon cake! xoxo, mickey

Ro Magnolia said...

I finally got my little chair makeover done and blogged about it today! Hope you have time to pop by for a visit and see what you inspired. :)

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Lili, How sweet of you to do that for your dear friends . . that lemon cake looks delicious. I'm sure two people by the names of Lili and Henri might be visiting Florida soon. Looks like you definitely have a green thumb, your flowers look lovely and so healthy. Good byes are always difficult for me . . I prefer to say, "See you soon". Sandy:O)

Tracey said...

It's always hard to see good friends move away...but at least you have an excuse to head to Florida when you can't take any more snow this Winter!!:) Your cake is just lovely Lili!!!

Hugs ~

:) T