Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When Life Imitates Art

Even though I had my gloves on this morning when I pulled up this trap, I wasn't sure I wanted to tackle the creature you see on the left.

Don't let this pose fool you...he tried to bite me.

I have since learned it is a sculpin. I also learned lobsters love sculpin. Notice there were no lobsters in this trap.

I was told you should slam the fish against a hard surface and throw him back into the trap for bait or just stab him with a knife. I released him.

Until today, we had
never seen anything like it.

Or have we?


Anonymous said...

Mom - That fish would have given me nightmares...but to see how much he looks like the pottery fish...wild!!!

Mickey Johnson said...

...what a scary fish...but i love the pottery one! super cute! xo,mickey