Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Art of the Fire

These whimsical fish were sculpted by my husband in an attempt to use up the extra clay that is wasted from working on wheel thrown pieces. Each one of his creations seems to take on it's own unique personality.

They have been bisque fired and glazed, but their true identity awaits and will be revealed in the next post.

Tonight was the night a few of them made it to the fire. This glowing creature is the result of

having spent about 30 minutes in the raku kiln where the temperature rose to 2000 degrees fahrenheit. This moment is part of the excitement of raku, when you lift the top off the kiln and are met with the very heart and soul of your piece. Tomorrow they will look quite different.

Our pots will be fired later, but tonight it was all about the fish.


Queenie said...

stunning, absolutely stunning. the sight of that fish absolutely glowing with the heat - thanks so much for sharing...

Fearless Nester said...

Thanks for your comment Queenie. That was definitely a very lucky shot... the only one that came out that night... have to be quick around glowing objects!